September 2013: Summary of Features

About the Cover: Alumnae Library, College of Our Lady of the Elms, Chicopee, MA. Tony Fonseca, library director. Debra J. Gomes, photographer.
Editorial: Reimagining SuccessChoice’s new Editor and Publisher Mark Cummings introduces himself to readers and invites them to suggest ways that Choice can best meet their needs.
Bibliographic Essay: "New Religious Movements: The Current Landscape," by Stephen Bales
All world religions are anchored in time and place. Christianity began as a Jewish sect. For the Chinese, Buddhism was once an exotic import. The modern world, however, has seen a remarkable increase in the number of new religions, as well as the introduction of established faiths into societies in which they were previously little known or practiced. This essay gathers the latest books on "new religious movements" (NRMs), which many define as movements emerging in the last couple of hundred years that differ from and are peripheral to long-established religions.
New & Forthcoming Association & Organization Publications, 20132014. This annual feature in Choice's popular Forthcoming Series focuses on the publishing programs of professional societies and associations and research institutions.