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CHOICE ISSN 0009-4978

Print Publications

underlineC&RL News 1-year (nonmember) subscription: $56-US. $61-Canada and other PUAS countries. $66-Other foreign countries

underline RBM: A Journal of Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Cultural Heritage 1-year subscription: $50-US. $56 Canada and other PUAS countries. $67-Other foreign countries

underlineCHOICE Subscription for 1 Year: $469 for US customers, $499 for Canada & Mexico, $599 outside the US, Canada & Mexico

underlineCHOICE Reviews On Cards (available only to subscribers of CHOICE and/or Choice Reviews Online): $549 for customers in the US, $589 for Canada & Mexico, $679 outside the US, Canada & Mexico)

underlineCHOICE Select (US only): $189. Four most popular issues: November, January, May, and August

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  1. To subscribe to Choice magazine (PRINT ONLY), College and Research Libraries, or Rare Books and Manuscripts, click here.  

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CHOICE/ACRL Subscriptions
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Fax: 240-757-7223


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underlineChoice magazine: $39.00 each (see below for additional quantity pricing)
        Issue(s)______________________________ Total______

underlineChoice Reviews on Cards: $49.00 each
        Issue(s)______________________________ Total______

underlineCollege & Research Libraries: $15.00 each (available only for volumes 71–74)
       Issue(s)______________________________ Total______

underlineCollege & Research Libraries News: $11.00 each
       Issue(s)______________________________ Total______

underline RBM: A Journal of Rare Books, Manuscripts & Cultural Heritage: $26.00 each
       Issue(s)______________________________ Total______

Choice Magazine Single Issue Pricing.


$39.00 each for 1-4 copies (add $7 per copy outside the US)
$30.00 each for 5-9 copies (add $7 per copy outside the US)
$27.00 each for 10-19 copies (add $7 per copy outside the US)
$25.00 each for 20+ copies (add $7 per copy outside the US)
Special for Library Schools, for classroom use only: 5 or more copies, $15.00 per copy (add $7 per copy outside the US). Send request on Library School letterhead. Sorry, no returns.

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