October 2013: Summary of Features

October 2013

About the Cover: Gates Memorial Library, Lamar State College, Port Authur, TX. Peter B. Kaatrude, dean of library services. Photo courtesy of Gerry Dickert, public information coordinator. 
Editorial: A-Changin' Times. On the occasion of Choice’s 50th anniversary, Humanities Editor Rebecca Bartlett looks back at the magazine’s past and “forward, to a future in which we plan to remain vital and to expand our offerings in directions as yet only contemplated.”
Bibliographic Essay: "Agricultural Biotechnology: History, Science, and Society," by Brian R. Shmaefsky
Agricultural biotechnology is an important, growing discipline that was formed early on as the field of molecular genetics evolved into an applied discipline called biotechnology. The history of agricultural biotechnology is replete with novel scientific discoveries that made most traditional agricultural practices ineffective and obsolete. Its history is also plagued by controversy about the ethics and safety of genetically modified agricultural animals and plants. Shmaefsky discusses 96 key print resources related to the scientific aspects of the discipline, as well as resources related to ethical, environmental, and safety concerns and legal and regulatory issues. These titles will be valuable resources for undergraduate library collections in such areas as biology, biotechnology, environmental sciences, and food and agriculture.
New & Forthcoming Political Science & Economics Publications, 2013–2014. This feature highlights forthcoming titles scheduled for publication from the late summer of 2013 through 2014. Each of the titles on the list was suggested by the publisher and then selected by Choice for its relevance to undergraduate curricula.
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