November 2013: Summary of Features

November 2013

About the Cover: Frank Giovatto Library, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, NJ. Kathleen Stein Smith, associate university librarian and director of public services. Photo courtesy of William R. Kennedy, director of web operations. 
Editorial: The Core Mission, Reimagined. Editor & Publisher Mark Cummings discusses Choice's core aim, as revealed in its bibliographic essays: to assist librarians not only with title selection but with collection development as a whole.
Bibliographic Essay: New Scholarship on Religion and Literature, 2000-2012, by Miriam Elizabeth Burstein.
The field of literature and religion has been growing by leaps and bounds since the mid-1990s. Even before the events of 9/11, it had become clear that far from ebbing in the face of modernity, religion was alive, well, and taking over bestseller lists in the literary marketplace. This essay discusses approximately 100 scholarly works in the Judeo-Christian tradition, written between 2000 and 2012, that testify to the vibrancy of religion's cultural presence. The essay is organized in sections beginning with reference and introductory works, then chronologically from the medieval and early modern periods, to the nineteenth century and after. Sections on Judaism and one secularism and postsecularism conclude the essay.
Forthcoming Reference Publications, 2013–2014 Choice's twenty-seventh annual "Forthcoming Reference Publications" feature presents selected reference titles scheduled for publication in November 2013 and later, including new books and a variety of electronic resources.