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University of Idaho Library, Moscow, ID

November 2014

About the Cover: University of Idaho Library, Moscow, ID. Lynn Baird, dean, University of Idaho Libraries. Photo courtesy of University of Idaho Photographic Services.

Editorial: Editorial: Interns—They Know Their Stuff. Humanities Editor Rebecca Bartlett pays tribute to Choice's splendid interns, who perform a variety of essential tasks.

The Tradition of Violence in the United States: A Multidisciplinary Survey, by Scott Gac.  In the last three decades, violence has developed into an open avenue of inquiry and concern in American life. Once the domain of psychiatrists and psychologists, the study of violence in the United States is now explored by scholars in a diverse range of academic fields. From the humanities to the social sciences, violence—in particular its causes and prevention—is a central academic concern. This essay identifies some of the best recent work on American violence in an attempt to note the most important trends in the scholarship.

Forthcoming Reference Publications, 2014-2015. Choice's twenty-seventh annual "Forthcoming Reference Publications" feature presents selected reference titles scheduled for publication in November 2014 and later, including new books and a variety of electronic resources.

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