Choice Bibliographic Essays

Essay Policy Statement

Choice publishes bibliographic essays to meet the needs of undergraduates, faculty, and libraries serving these users. Essays may address a new curricular area, a topic that has assumed significantly increased interest, an interdisciplinary area, or important recent literature on a traditional subject. Essays cover core materials ranging from introductory to advanced undergraduate levels. Emphasis is on English-language books or electronic media including Internet resources.

If you are interested in submitting a bibliographic essay proposal to Choice, please consult the Proposal Guidelines below.

Guidelines for Submitting a Proposal

To help Choice subject editors evaluate the relevance of your proposed essay for publication in CHOICE, please respond to the following questions. Also view our Bibliographic Essay Guidelines, which will acquaint you with information concerning content, organization, format, and style of essays. Please e-mail proposals to Bill Mickey, editorial director, at

  1. Please define the topic of your proposed essay. What is its relevance to a particular discipline or disciplines, and its importance to the undergraduate curriculum?
  2. Choice bibliographic essays are primarily intended to identify approximately 100 core books and online resources on a topic. How many titles do you anticipate discussing in your essay?
  3. Please provide information about your knowledge and expertise on this topic.
  4. Is this a new topic of scholarly interest or has there been a
    substantial growth in the literature on this topic recently?
  5. By what date could you submit a final manuscript?

Also, please provide a brief outline of your proposed essay, noting its scope and any particular organizational theme (e.g., chronological, geographical), and four or five recent sample citations.