December 2013: Summary of Features

December 2013

About the Cover: Roger Williams University Library, Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI. Dr. Peter V. Deekle, dean of university library services. Photo Courtesy of RWU Office of Marketing and Communications
Editorial: Looking beneath the Surface: Reflecting on a visit to the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, Editor and Publisher Mark Cummings discusses the differences between private and public systems of information organization.
Beauty and the Beast: Violence in the Lives of Women and Girls, by Karen Evans
Throughout the world, violence against women and girls is a critical societal issue.  While females are most often the victims, it is also true that women, and increasingly girls, are also responsible for violent acts.  This essay highlights key publications covering the important topic of violence in the lives of women and girls, as both victims and perpetrators.  Resources discussed examine a wide range of topics, including domestic violence, rape, sexual harassment, bullying, homicide, stalking, and honor crimes.  Separate sections address the increasing violence exhibited by girls, as well as female involvement in terrorism.  Although this essay cannot cover every topic in depth, it can serve as a starting point for research on these issues.
Forthcoming Art & Architecture Publications, 2013-2014. Choice's twenty-eighth annual "Forthcoming Art & Architecture Publications" feature presents selected titles scheduled for publication in December 2013 and later, including new books and a variety of electronic resources.