We are pleased to announce the launch of a completely redesigned Choice Reviews Online. The new service, now called Choice Reviews, was built to respond directly to the many suggestions received from subscribers.  This version has been engineered to work the way that librarians do, with an intuitive user interface, improved search and discovery features, and data management tools that will save you time and simplify decision-making. With tools that make it easy to save, share, and manage results, Choice Reviews puts the power of curation back into the hands of librarians.

  • Searchable database of 200,000+ academic reviews
  • Intuitive interface to make searches faster and easier
  • Reviews published in real time for immediate access
  • Build lists, save searches, create alerts, find books in WorldCat, poll faculty on their preferences, and even add titles to your GOBI shopping cart

Setting up a personal account is simple.  From inside your institution's network, point your browser at, click Log In, and follow the instructions there. Consult the handy Quick-start Guide in the FAQ section if you have questions. If further support is needed, please feel free to contact our Customer Service department,