August 2014: Summary of Features

Saint Albert Library, Saint Mary's College of California

August 2014

About the Cover: Saint Albert Hall Library, Saint Mary's College of California, Moraga, CA. Patricia (Pat) Kreitz, dean for library and academic resources. Sandy Mallaleiu, photographer.

Editorial: Editor and Publisher Mark Cummings explains that Choice "… is no longer simply a magazine; it is a publishing unit dedicated to bringing people together around information resources."

E-Products for Academic Libraries: 2013 Buying Guide. In the twelfth annual installment of the Buying Guide, independent consultant and former Choice editor Susanne Bjorner presents succinct descriptive information on web-based resources of potential use to a broad range of academic library patrons. This year products are arranged by Choice subject categories.

Modern Book Publishing: Websites for the Trade, by John Rodsvilla. Handheld computers and online services have democratized the ability to publish and distribute texts.  Although today's authors do not need to work with a publisher who will edit, design, print, and distribute their books, the traditional model of publishing does provide an established means to reach an audience.  As new technology continues to create new paths from author to reader, it also helps to improve the jobs of professionals by putting resources like the Chicago Manual of Style and Books in Print online.  This article provides information about the online resources available for editorial, production, and sales professionals in the book industry and includes key news sites pertaining to the industry.

Recent & Forthcoming Internet Publications, 2014–2015. This annual feature highlights publications about the Internet, including introductory guides, cyber security, specialized design manuals, and works dealing with social influences.

Outstanding Academic Websites of 2013. This feature highlights a group of exceptional Web resources selected for the 2013 “Outstanding Academic Titles” list, which originally appeared in the January 2014 issue.  Titles are grouped within the broad subject categories used in Choice.