April 2013: Summary of Features

Geisel Library

About the Cover: Geisel Library, Saint Anselm College, Manchester, NH. John Dillon, interim head librarian. Laura Gricius-West photographer.

Editorial: When Appearances Are Deceiving… : A well-written piece rarely reveals the degree of difficulty that went into its composition.

Bibliographic Essay: Pragmatism: Key Resources. This essay discusses the most famous pragmatists, notably Peirce, James, and Dewey, and many others who have contributed to the interdisciplinary areas with which pragmatism engages—behavioral, moral, social, political, multicultural, and religious. It will lead readers to long-respected and well-known resources and to new and authoritative ones--including journals and websites--that reflect the dynamic nature of the movement.

Recent & Forthcoming Psychology Publications, 2013: Regularly appearing each year in the April issue, this selected list provides information on new titles of potential relevance for academic libraries.

U.S. College Book Price Information, 2012. This annual feature offers detailed price information on books reviewed in Choice during the 2012 calendar year.