Excellence in Academic Libraries Award

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Q.    Is there a form to be filled out?
A.    Yes. The application form must accompany each institution's application, and must be filled out in its entirety.

Q.    How long should the application be?
A.   Value will be given to clear, to the point, concise nominations and applications. The documentation process will not be prescriptive, but applications in the ten page range will receive the most positive consideration.

Q.   What standards will apply for Community College and University libraries?
A.  The Standards for Libraries in Higher Education encompass college, community college and university libraries.

Q.   What will happen to the applications?
A.   Nominations and applications will come to ACRL, belong to ACRL, and eventually reside at University of Illinois in the ALA archives.

Q.   Where and how will the awards be made?
A.   An awards ceremony on the campus winning the award will feature a plaque being presented to the President or other chief executive of the institution. It is presumed, however, that the check so presented will be expended by the library winning the award.

Q.   What documentation might be particularly impressive?
A.   Certainly, a commendation from a regional accrediting agency or other accolades from agencies that review many different libraries would be heavily weighted.

Q.   Do I have to be nominated or can I just nominate my own library?
A.   The award committee will be actively seeking those libraries that are most exemplary in their outstanding support of the mission of their institution and will encourage them to submit an application for the award. In addition, libraries are strongly encouraged to self-nominate. Nominations from all libraries will be treated equally.

In all cases, the library is responsible for compiling its own application packet.

Q.   Do size of collection, number of staff, and level of funding define excellence?
A.   The Excellence award is mission-based and focuses on how a library is using the resources it has to meet the needs of its user community. It is not about size or budget but rather about impact. The awards committee evaluates applications based on merit and convincing documentation that demonstrates the library’s alignment with the institution’s mission and

Interested parties should feel free to contact the chair and/or the members of the award committee for additional information. If you have questions for the committee, please email them to the chair:

Ann Campion Riley
Vice Provost and University Librarian
University of Missouri
104 Ellis Library
Columbia, MO 65201
Work Phone: (573) 882-1685