ACRL Travel Grant Recipients

Tarido Anantachai
Tarida Anantachai
Resident Librarian
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY

I was extremely honored and grateful to have received one of the ACRL Friends Fund travel awards to support my attendance to the 2012 Joint Conference of Librarians of Color (JCLC).  Though I had been hoping to attend the conference for some time, as a new librarian, I realized it was going to be financially challenging; receiving this travel award really helped to offset the costs and opened so many doors for my ongoing professional development.  I strongly believe that it was as a direct result of this conference and the generous support of the Friends of ACRL that I was able to take advantage of what was one of the most stimulating conferences I have attended to date.  In addition to engaging in a variety of interesting sessions, I was able to develop relationships with a number of librarians nationwide, many with whom I have continued to be in constant contact.  In fact, it was not long after the conference that I began collaborating with a number of them on a recently accepted ACRL proposal, among other exciting projects.

Though I am so thankful to have personally benefited from this travel award, I feel that this fund represents so much more; it is so encouraging to see how ACRL values supporting new librarians in the field through such opportunities.  The fact that this particular donation went towards JCLC also demonstrates how ACRL similarly values libraries’ participation in discussions and initiatives regarding diversity and inclusion—topics that will continue to be important in our profession going forward.  I cannot thank the Friends of ACRL enough for their generous support and hope they can continue to do so for many other librarians in the years to come!


Nataly Blas
Nataly Blas
Diversity Resident Librarian
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Being awarded the ACRL Friend’s Fund Award for the Joint Conference of Librarians of Color (JCLC) 2012 in Kansas City, MO was a great honor and an outstanding opportunity for me to meet fellow colleagues who are equally passionate about diversity in librarianship. I would describe JCLC 2012 as a vibrant and insightful conference. I found both the conference and my involvement with the Residency Interest Group (RIG) to be very beneficial. As the new Diversity Resident Librarian at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, I am both exploring my role as Resident Librarian in my institution as well as pondering about my role in promoting diversity in librarianship. Attending JCLC 2012 helped me discover my purpose as a Diversity Librarian, learn about best practices, and gain inspiration from the various success stories. I was also able to participate with RIG, where I was able to connect with fellow Residents, inquire on their own career experiences, and help share the experience of library resident programs with other JCLC attendees.