Strategic Plan: Policies for Implementation

The Association's Strategic Plan was developed to be an essential ingredient in assuring the long term viability of ACRL. The plan was developed to assist ACRL in positioning for the future and controlling its destiny. It is therefore, most important that the plan be fully integrated into the operational structure of ACRL. To make certain that the Plan is utilized to the fullest possible extent, the following policies have been created.

Policy #1 Integration with the Association's programs, services and products

It shall be the policy of the ACRL Board of Directors that:

ACRL's Strategic Plan shall be provided to the Units (standing committee, sections, chapters, etc.) so that the goals and strategic directions contained in the plan may be used by the units as they execute the annual program planning process. The plan shall be the primary basis for all ACRL programs, services and products, and these shall be evaluated on the basis of their relatedness to the plan.

The ACRL leadership shall be made aware of and be familiar with the ACRL Strategic Plan; and the strategic directions from the plan shall be included on the agenda of each Midwinter and Annual Conference Leadership Council planning session for discussion and comment. Recommendations for revisions to the plan resulting from these discussions may be made to the Board of Directors.

Policy #2 The Strategic Plan and priorities shall drive the budget process

It shall be the policy of the ACRL Board of Directors that:

The goals and strategic directions contained in the ACRL Strategic Plan shall provide the basis upon which the Board of Directors establish annual priorities for the Association, the president and vice-president identify elements of programs for the year, the units' programs and activities are funded, for establishing new division initiatives, and for the Budget and Finance Committee's recommendations regarding the annual budget.

Policy #3 Assessment of implementation of the Plan

It shall be the policy of the ACRL Board of Directors that:

Annually all units identify programs and activities that support the plan for the current year and the year that follows and submit a report to the ACRL office for compilation for the Board's review.

Policy #4 Annual Strategic Plan Updating

It shall be the policy of the ACRL Board of Directors that:

ACRL Strategic Plan is a living document which provides a framework for Association decision making, programming, budgeting, and internal evaluation. Because ACRL operates within the rapidly evolving higher education and academic library environments, it is important for the document to be able to respond positively--even aggressively--as such changes occur. Changes in the plan, however, must balance longer term objectives against more immediate issues.

Therefore, the Plan's strategic directions will be reviewed for change annually. ACRL units wishing consideration for particular changes in the strategic directions should bring their recommendations in writing to the Board for its second meeting at midwinter or for the Spring Executive Committee meeting. Any action by the Board will be at the following annual conference.

In addition, each year a review of the Association's external and internal environment shall be conducted by staff analyzing trends, member expectations and other available data. Based on this annual review, the Board of Directors may make other revisions to strategic directives and report these to the membership. Recommendations resulting from analysis of external and internal environments and discussions among ACRL leaders during the Leadership Council Planning Sessions shall be discussed by the Executive Committee at its following meeting and a report shall be made to the Board of Directors at the next conference for action.

The vision, mission, and goal statements will be revised by the Board every five years at the Annual Conference. The process for revision will start three years after the adoption of the plan. This more in-depth review will always follow active solicitation of input from both individual members and the various units of ACRL.

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