ACRL Strategic Plan Planning Roles


  • sets overall direction and communicates that direction to the Association
  • assures alignment of overall and unit planning
  • identifies continuing and current priorities and develops ACRL financial plan accordingly
  • establishes procedures to facilitate units' response to the strategic plan
  • evaluates and updates strategic plan
  • revises mission, vision, goals, strategic directions, and priorities
  • establishes criteria for successful outcomes on an ongoing basis
  • conducts annual self evaluation

President and Vice President/President-Elect

  • defines activities in support of ACRL strategic directions
  • with Executive Director, guides Board interpretation of plan in relation to programs

Executive Director

  • develops environmental scan
  • interprets plan to membership and general public
  • completes annual report of ACRL and units accomplishments in relation to strategic directions
  • assists President and Board with development of implementation plan
  • sets schedule and sequence for evaluation and review of plan


  • within the ACRL Strategic Plan, identify unit priorities that support goals and strategic directions
  • develop activities that support unit priorities
  • complete annual report of unit accomplishments in relation to strategic directions.
  • contribute to overall ACRL strategic planning process.

Strategic Plan Resources

Strategic Plan
Policies for Implementation
Units' Activities Summary Form (Word doc)