ACRL Division-Level Committee Principles

Approved at the 2011 Spring Executive Committee Meeting

1.       Strategic Principles:

1.1.    ACRL committees exist to advance and accomplish the strategic plan or enable the ongoing operations of the organization.

1.2.    ACRL committees serve the needs of the association and thus are directed, formed and disbanded by the Board as needed.

1.3.    Standing committees are complemented by the establishment of task forces and use of individual experts to achieve flexibility in meeting changing needs and priorities.

1.4.    The Board is intentional in deciding what work to delegate to committees and what work to reserve for itself based on the strategic plan, Board and staff capacity, and the ACRL Bylaws.

2.       Operational Principles:

2.1.    ACRL committees have clear charges, goals, and responsibilities and develop annual plans for organizing and implementing their work.

2.2.    ACRL committees may be review, advisory or decision-making and thus the authority of a given committee is made explicit.

2.3.    Committee structure, number, and procedures are aligned with the financial resources of the association and the capacity of the staff and Board support.

2.4.    ACRL supports the use of tools that increase communication, productivity, and effectiveness within committees, between committees, with the Board, and for the association overall.