Who are the Friends of ACRL?

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The Friends of ACRL was created to provide a means for ACRL to take bold steps above and beyond its traditional member programs and services. Rapidly changing demographic, economic, and technological trends are presenting academic libraries and librarians with new challenges and competition that demand immediate solutions. The Friends of ACRL are responding to these "new challenges" by giving additional support that will enhance and ensure the relevance of our profession.

Why become a Friend?

By becoming a Friend of ACRL, you will help supplement the funding of initiatives that will strengthen and assure the importance of our profession in this time of dramatic change. Specifically, you can help open new worlds to the academic librarian community and specifically to MLS students, entry-level and minority academic librarians. You can enrich our profession by supporting the development of cutting-edge seminars and workshops. You can promote excellence within our profession by supporting advocacy initiatives that strengthen ACRL’s influence in higher education and on the research environment. You can support initiatives that strengthen any one of the ACRL priority goals and/or strategic plan.

To date, Friends Funds have provided support for:

How do I become a Friend?

  • Please join today by going to http://www.ala.org/cfapps/donations_rsm/index.cfm.   Click on the online credit card donation link, and after logging in, choose ALA Divisions and Offices from the menu on the left.   As you consider making a donation, please remember two things: the impact that your donation will have on the future of our profession and that your donation is fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
  • If you would prefer to mail in your donation, you may print  this form from the Friends of ACRL Web page and mail it to:
    The Friends of ACRL, Association of College & Research Libraries, 50 E. Huron Street, Chicago, IL 60611-2795.
  • For more information, please contact Mary Jane Petrowski at  mpetrowski@ala.org or 1 (800) 545-2433, ext. 2523.

To participate, simply choose which funds you would like to support.

Professional Development Fund
This fund supports the continuing professional education of ACRL members at every stage of their careers by underwriting scholarships for promising students, supporting conference attendance for new ACRL members, and assisting all ACRL members, from the newest to the most experienced, in augmenting their knowledge and expertise.

Innovative Programming Fund
This fund supports the incubation of ground-breaking programs with the potential to enhance the ability of academic librarians to deliver excellent services, and rewards exemplary and innovative programs that have set new standards for library services.

Advocacy Fund
This fund supports initiatives that strengthen ACRL’s influence in higher education and on the research environment.  The Advocacy Fund helps ACRL increase its influence with respect to recruitment and retention, academic and communication technology, public policy affecting higher education, major trends and issues in libraries, partnerships with other organizations, and accrediting entities.

Board Strategic Plan Initiative Fund
This fund provides the means by which the ACRL Board may strengthen any one of its priority goals and/or strategic objectives as the need arises.

William Moffett Memorial Fund
This fund honors the memory of former ACRL President William Moffett whose visionary leadership and dedication to excellence in all aspects of academic librarianship continues to instruct and inspire.

RBMS Scholarships Fund
This fund supports attendance at the annual Preconference of the Rare Book and Manuscripts Section by new professionals, and qualified students and support staff, with some scholarships designated for applicants of underrepresented ethnic and racial groups.

Become a Friend today!

When you join the Friends of ACRL family, you are making a commitment to the future of our profession. Your tax deductible donation (to the extent allowed by law will advance the growth, change and development of academic librarians by strengthening and expanding ACRL's programs and opportunities

Receive Special Recognition
Friends of ACRL receive special recognition including:

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