Friends of ACRL 2020

ACRL expresses its sincere appreciation to the following Friends for their generous donations. Your support enables ACRL to take bold steps above and beyond its traditional member programs and services. We thank the individuals below for joining the Friends of ACRL family:

Patrons ($1,000 or more)

Mary Jane Petrowski


Sponsors ($500-$999)

Douglas K. Lehman, in memory of David Kaser 

Contributors ($250-$499)

Cynthia K. Steinhoff

Associates ($100-$249)

Catherine R. Friedman
Jaquelyn A. McCoy, in memory of William Miller
Marilyn Myers
Kenley Neufeld

Friends (up to $99)

Posie Aagaard
Lois Fischer Black
Kenneth J. Burhanna
Kimberly A. Chapman
Richard Fein, in honor of the 73rd anniversary of the birth of William Miller
Clara Fowler
Joyce Garczynski
William M. Hansen
Tina Hertel
Charlotte Priddle
Jennifer S. Sauer
Walter D. Stine
Curtis Small
Lynne M. Thomas
Imelda L. Vetter
Lorraine A. Wochna