Standards for Libraries in Higher Education Review Task Force


The Task Force is established to, following the procedures for the review of Standards found in the ACRL Guide to Policies and Procedures Chapter 14: (1) review the SLHE, (2) review outcomes as articulated in regional accrediting association guidelines as there is increasing expectation that libraries can contribute to them, e.g., educational role, facilities, etc., (3) incorporate accreditation expectations into the draft standards as appropriate, (4) review the performance indicators for each principle and consider expanding them, (5) recommend needed changes, (6) produce a draft document incorporating these changes, (7) seek comments and input from stakeholder communities and the general ACRL membership, and (8) incorporate, as appropriate, those recommendations into the final draft.


Kelly Gordon Jacobsma (Board Liaison, July 1, 2017, to June 30, 2018)

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  • (2) representatives from community/junior college libraries
  • (2) representatives from college libraries
  • (2) representatives from university/research libraries
  • (1) representative of Standards Committee
  • (1) an accomplished expert on library outcomes assessment
  • (1) representative from a regional accrediting agency
  • (1) board liaison


  • Date interim report is due: An interim report is due to the ACRL Board of Directors by their 2016 fall executive committee meeting, summarizing relevant research on changes in higher education that impact the Standards, including a review of regional accrediting agency expectations for libraries.
  • Date final report is due: The final document should be submitted for ACRL Board approval within six months of the draft being circulated for comment and no later than Annual Conference 2017 or Fall Executive 2017. The draft standards should be made available for review and comment by the membership no later than one year after appointment of the Task Force.


The Standards for Libraries in Higher Education Review Task Force was established by virtual vote in January 2009 by the ACRL Board of Directors. The Standards for Libraries in Higher Education Review Task Force was re-established by the ACRL Board of Directors at its virtual Spring Board Meeting on April 7, 2016.