STS Strategic Plan 2007

Strategic Area: Higher Education and Research

• Goal Area: Learning Skills

STS and its members are recognized as collaborative leaders in teaching lifelong learning skills, improving techniques for assessing learning outcomes, and in creating environments for discovery.

Strategic Objectives:

Develop and promote competencies of users in creating, managing, retrieving, and utilizing science/technology information.
Develop and promote methodologies to assess student learning.

• Goal Area: Scholarship in Information Science

STS and its members are recognized as authorities on knowledge management; and the creation, collection, preservation, discovery, and exchange of information.

Strategic Objectives:

Support opportunities to study information use in science/technology education and research.
Provide avenues for the dissemination of peer-reviewed scholarship related to science/technology librarianship.
Provide opportunities for librarians to receive assistance and feedback with their research.

• Goal Area: Advocacy

STS influences the higher education and research environment.

Strategic Objectives:

Help science/technology librarians develop the skills to promote their unique abilities and services.
Assist STS members in being more effective advocates for important issues in scholarly communication.

Strategic Area: The Profession

• Goal Area: Professional Development

STS provides continuous learning opportunities enabling members to strengthen their effectiveness and achieve recognition as valued contributors to their academic and research communities.

Strategic Objectives:

Develop and refine professional competencies for science/technology librarians, related to specific roles and responsibilities. Regularly assess the programming and continuing education needs of science/technology librarians.
Provide relevant and timely programming for science/technology librarianship at conferences and online.
Provide regular opportunities for professional networking, growth, and leadership.
Provide mentoring opportunities for science/technology librarians.

• Goal Area: Leadership

STS members are recognized by other professional organizations as leaders and advocates for academic and research libraries.

Strategic Objectives:

Co-sponsor programs and activities with other ACRL sections, ALA divisions, and other professional associations outside of ALA.
Support science/technology programming at local, regional, and national levels.
Advise ACRL on science/technology issues.

Strategic Area: The Association

• Goal Area: Membership

STS's membership growth builds on retaining core membership while recruiting from new and diverse communities.

Strategic Objectives:

Develop active and innovative plans to recruit new librarians to science/technology librarianship.
Promote diversity within the science/technology library profession.

• Goal Area: Sustainability

STS will have the fiscal resources, staff expertise, and organizational structure to advance the section’s strategic plan.

Strategic Objectives:

Explore new and innovative ways of financially supporting the activities of the section.
Develop flexibly and dynamically in response to changes in ACRL.

approved 6/22/2007

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