STS Web Guidelines


Approved July 10, 2000


To provide relevant and timely information regarding STS and science librarianship.


  • STS Members
  • STS Council
  • Prospective members
  • General science and technology library community

Ownership and Location


The STS web site content will include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • General information about STS including: membership information, lists of officers, committee and discussion groups with contact information, the Section manual, volunteer forms, news and more.
  • Links to Section publications including: STS-L, STS Signal, and ISTL
  • Information about upcoming conference activities
  • Archive of past Section programs
  • Information to help committee chairs, council members and officers perform their jobs more efficiently.

Design Policies

All STS-related web pages with 'enduring' content should be installed on the STS website and should conform to STS policy. STS-related web pages that are temporary in nature (e.g. something compiled in advance of a discussion session meeting) should be reviewed by the webmaster for a decision about inclusion and/or linking from the STS Website.

  • The STS web site will be in compliance of U.S. copyright law.
  • The STS web site will follow the ACRL web site policies as stated in  Chapter 13.8 of ACRL's Guide to Policies and Procedures
  • Page design must be compatible with HTML standards for adaptive technologies.
  • Each page on the STS web site will follow a consistent format, using standard colors, fonts, graphics and layout, and will include the following standard information:
    • Section logo
    • Link to STS home
    • Date last updated
    • Link to webmaster for comments
  • The web site will be updated regularly, with all links checked at least every three months.

Send questions/comments to the  STS Web Editor

Last updated:  March 23, 2003