STS Manual: Online Committee Meetings

ACRL Science & Technology Section (STS) Publications Committee

For instructions on entering the chat space, uploading documents, making transcripts, etc please see the  STS Virtual Meeting Instructions (pdf 524kB)

Example: ACRL STS Publications Committee online meeting

Ground Rules:

1) The moderator and will be working to keep the meeting on time and on task. Please limit your comments to direct responses to the agenda item under discussion at the time. The more participants are "present," the easier it is for online conversations to move off topic and get out of control.

2) Be as brief as possible in your responses. Limit "me too" comments unless someone is polling members on an issue and specifically requests everyone's feedback.

3) Guests are asked to withhold comments unless they add something significant to the discussion. Note: Inquiries about membership in this committee or any other STS committee should be directed to Virginia Baldwin, STS Chair-elect.

4) Let whoever is "speaking" finish. Breaking long thoughts up into pieces with "…" at the end of a phrase is helpful*. This lets folks know there is more to come! Likewise if you want to indicate that you are finished with a thought, let us know (ၼ"done, end", etc.). The hardest part of online chats is overlapping comments taking the discussion in different directions.
*The Chat text box will not accept more than approximately 34 words - a limitation that forces respondents to break textual elements into small pieces.

5) Personal asides are discouraged. The chat software has a personal message feature that should be used for off-line comments to friends.

6) Be respectful in tone and professional with content. The transcript will be saved and may be provided to the STS Council.

Linda Eells
STS Publications Committee co-chair