1999 STS Conference Program


Association of College and Research Libraries
Science and Technology Section

The Future is Here: Changing Realities for Sci-Tech Librarians    

Monday, June 28, 1999
8:30 -11:00 am.
New Orleans

Speaker Information

   Jerry D. Campbell

Jerry D. Campbell, is a nationally respected authority on information systems and technologies, and currently serves as Chief Information Officer (CIO), University Librarian and Dean of the University Libraries at the University of Southern California. Campbell, a leader of the revolution now occurring in libraries and in the provision of information to university communities, has served as University Librarian and Dean since January 1996. He was appointed CIO in October 1996.

As USCís first CIO, Dr. Campbell brings experience and expertise in the re-engineering of information and technology organizations. In the fall of 1997, he created one of nations first unified Information Service Divisions (ISD) in a research university. This new agency whose mission is to ensure that the universityís information systems will be fully capable of meeting the educational and management needs of the 21st century includes the former University Computing Services, Telecommunications, the University Libraries, Student Information Systems and other information providers and facilitators on campus. Dr. Campbell also chairs the universityís Information Council which is charged with developing the universityís overall technology strategy.

He has contributed chapters to several books, including the second edition of The Academic Handbook (C.D. Goodwin and E.S. McCrate, eds.), published by Duke University Press in 1995. His articles on library management and on information systems and technologies have appeared in such publications as Electronic Library, Library Trends and the Journal of Academic Librarianship. He has lectured throughout the United States and abroad, delivering addresses before the Association of American Publishers (ìElectronic Reserves: Opportunity or Problem?), the Special Libraries Association (ìKey Challenges of Managing the Networked Environmentî), the Tennessee Library Association (ìChallenging Libraries for the Next Centuriesî) and others.

   Doug Jones

Doug Jones is a science-engineering librarian at the University of Arizona Library and served as team leader of the Science-Engineering Team during the re-engineering process. He is currently chair of the national Agricultural Network Information Center (AgNIC) Alliance of land-grant and related agricultural information providers and a member of the Library Advisory Committee of the Optical Society of America. He is serving a second 3-year term on the University of Arizona Strategic Planning and Budget Advisory Committee as well as a task force examining the University's capacity for continued effectiveness in dealing with new realities in higher education as part of an NCA accreditation review.

   Gail Clement

Gail Clement is a veteran Science Librarian with over 14 years' experience in research and academic settings. In her current position as Coordinator of Digital Library Services at Florida International University in Miami, Gail monitors digital library developments, leads or coordinates digitization projects, and provides consultation and instruction on digital library issues such as digital imaging processes and standards; data modeling, metadata creation and mapping; electronic file formats and publishing methods; and more. She is Project Director for the Everglades Information Network and Digital Library, and Technical Advisor for the Library of Congress's "Reclaiming the Everglades" project, selected for inclusion in the National Digital Library.

Clement writes and speaks frequently on the subjects of sci-tech information, digital libraries, and electronic publishing. Her book "Science and Technology on the Internet" (Library Solutions Press, 1995, 1996) is currently under revision.

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