2003 STS Conference Program


ACRL Science and Technology Section

Partners in Science: an Exploration of a Scientist-Librarian Relationship

Monday, June 23, 2003
Metro Toronto Convention Centre - 801A & 801B

Program:  8:30-11:30
Reception and Poster Sessions:  11:30 - 12:30

The program will look at the faculty-librarian relationship, our ability to meet the information needs of faculty, and their perception of the work of librarians to meet those needs.

8:30 - 8:45:  Welcome and Oberly Award Presentation

8:45-8:50:  Program Introduction

8:50-9:35:  Interview Session with Paul St. Pierre and Carolyn MacGregor, moderated by Anne Fullerton

9:35-9:45:  Audience Q&A for Paul and Carolyn

9:45-10:15:  Information Seeking Behavior of Scientists and Engineers  by Steve Hiller

10:15-10:25:  Audience Q&A for Steve

10:25 - 10:30:  Table Discussion Directions

10:30 -11:00:  Breakout Table Discussion Sessions (20 tables): Share and record best practices at tables; identify one best practice to report out to group

11 - 11:25:  Reports from Tables (1 minute each); Wrap-up

11:30-12:30:  Reception and poster sessions (In adjacent room, 801B)

Speakers and their presentations


Working Together: Interview Session with Paul St. Pierre and Carolyn MacGregor, moderated by Anne Fullerton

This session will explore the working relationship between a science librarian and a Systems Design Engineering faculty member at the University of Waterloo.

Carolyn MacGregor is an assistant professor at the University of Waterloo in the Department of Systems Design Engineering. Her main area of academic focus lies in "cognitive ergonomics". The field of cognitive ergonomics strives to understand how humans process and manipulate information so that such understanding of limitations and capabilities can be applied to the effective design of tasks, interfaces, and systems.

Paul St. Pierre is currently Undergraduate Services Librarian (formerly a science librarian) at the University of Waterloo.

Anne Fullerton is Biology Liaison Librarian at the University of Waterloo



Information Seeking Behavior of Scientists and Engineers

Steve Hiller, Head, Science Libraries, University of Washington

Better understanding of the information seeking behavior of scientists and engineers provides a firm foundation for the liaison, marketing, and partnership roles of science and technology librarians. Steve will provide an overview of this topic gained from his experience.

Powerpoint presentation

Steve Hiller is Head of the Science Libraries at the University of Washington and a member of the Library Assessment Group. Some of his publications include "How Different Are They? A Comparison By Academic Area Of Library Use, Priorities, and Information Needs at the University of Washington ," Issues in Science Technology Librarianship, Winter 2002, and "Assessing user needs, satisfaction and library performance at the University of Washington " .



The following corporate friends provided generous financial funding in support of the ACRL STS program and its New Members Orientation session.We are most appreciative of this support

Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
Elsevier Science, Inc
YBP Library Services
Springer-Verlag NY, Inc
Swets Blackwell, Inc
ISI Thomsen

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