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College Science Librarians Discussion Group

Getting Beyond Google: How Science Students Find Information and What We Can Do to Help
Sunday, June 16, 2002
11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Wyndham Hotel - Arcadia Room

How has the Internet changed the way undergraduate science students find information? As Generation Y enters the higher education system, how can we steer them to the best science resources? In this session, we will talk about current research patterns among undergraduate science students. We'll look at some of the characteristics and learning-style preferences of Generation Y and explore some of the strategies we can use to match the needs and preferences of this new generation of students.

Facilitators: Carol A. Drum, Head, Marston Science Library, University of Florida & Jennifer Laherty, Instruction and Reference Librarian, California State University, Hayward

The traditional post meeting lunch at a local restaurant will follow. Anyone interested should contact one of the co-chairs ( Rocco M. Piccinino
and Terri Freedman) so that the appropriate reservations can be made. We are open to suggestions for restaurants within a few blocks of the Wyndham Hotel.


General Discussion Group

Two Heads are Better than One: Business and Science Sources for Inventors
Sunday June 16, 2002
9:30 am - 11:00 am
Westin - International D/E

Science and business have long been partners in bringing new products and services to the marketplace. What do sci-tech librarians need to know about business information resources in order to better serve their own researchers? And what should every business librarian know about us? Join us in a combined session with the discussion group of ALA's Business & Reference Services Section (BRASS) to trade information and ideas from both sides of the fence.

Panelists: Julie Hurd (Head, Science Library, University of Illinois at Chicago); Patricia Kenly (Business Librarian, Georgia Institute of Technology); Joanne Tobin (Technical Resources Librarian, Georgia Institute of Technology and Georgia Tech's representative to the United States Patent and Trademark Depository Library).

Facilitators: Lisa O'Connor (Chair, BRASS Discussion Group) and Bryna Coonin (Co-Chair, STS General Discussion Group)

Refreshments provided courtesy of Standard and Poor's.


Heads of Science/Technology Libraries Discussion Group

Demographics of Academic Librarians: Implications and Impacts
Monday, June 17, 2002
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Marriott Marquis Hotel - Tigris Room

There is a widely held perception today that a disproportionately large population of academic librarians is racing toward retirement age without a corresponding influx of new entrants into the profession to take their places. What are the realities? What can we do?

Featured Speaker:

Stanley J. Wilder, Assistant Dean for Information Management Services
University of Rochester, River Campus, and author of the book Age Demographics of Academic Librarians: A Profession Apart and the ARL Report "New Hires in Research Libraries: Demographic Trends and Hiring Priorities" will kick off discussion with an overview of the demographic issues affecting academic research librarians and the implications for recruitment, hiring, leadership and the future of the profession.

Please join us for a lively and interesting exchange of ideas!

Heads of Sci/Tech Libraries Discussion Group

Laura Lane, Co-Chair
Donald Frank, Co-Chair
Judith Johnson, Co-Chair


Publisher/Vendor Relations Discussion Group and the Government Information Committee

Access to Scientific Information in the Post-9/11 Era
Sunday, June 16, 2002
9:30 am - 11:00 am
Wyndham Hotel, Athena room

In the aftermath of September 11th, we have seen the removal of scientific information from Web sites and the installation of the USA Patriot Act. Both of these events have serious implications for scholarly communication and the research process in which we are intimately involved.

Please join the Publisher/Vendor Relations Discussion Group and the Government Information Committee for a unique opportunity to learn about the USA Patriot Act, the removal of information from federal government Web sites, and to discuss the impact of these changes to our profession and to the scientific community.

Two speakers will be available to provide information and begin the discussion: Patrice McDermott will join us from ALA to discuss what, if anything, the USA Patriot Act has to do with the removal of information and how other policy changes have affected access to information. She is the assistant director of the Office of Government Relations in the American Library Association's Washington, D.C., office. Julie
Williamsen, co-chair of the STS Government Information Committee will present information from OMB Watch regarding various Web sites removed from the public view and provide some practical tips on retrieving this information for legitimate use.

Please join us for what is sure to be an interesting and exciting exchange of ideas.

Publisher/Vendor Relations Discussion Group
Catherine Soehner, Co-Chair
Tom Auger, Co-Chair

Government Information Committee
Julie Williamsen, Co-Chair
Jennifer Laherty, Co-Chair


Research Forum

STS Forum for Science and Technology Library Research
Sunday, June 16, 2002
2:00 pm -4:00 pm
Wyndham Hotel, Athena Room

The STS Research Committee invites you to join us for this year's STS Research Forum highlighting current research interests and methodologies in science librarianship. The following authors have been invited to present their research:

Philip Davis, Life Sciences Bibliographer, Albert R. Mann Library, Cornell University. "Consortial Analysis of E-Journal Data: What Do the Data Tell Us We Don't Already Know?"

Ibironke Lawal, Engineering and Science Librarian, Virginia Commonwealth University. "Scholarly Communication: The Use and Non-Use of E-print Archives in the Dissemination of Scientific Information."

Our Guest Responder will be Julie M. Hurd, Science Librarian and Coordinator of Digital Library Planning, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions and join the discussions.

The STS Research Committee:
Kathryn Kjaer, Chair
Susan B. Case
Karen S. Grigg
J. B. Hill
Kate Manuel
Jeannie P. Miller, PhD.
Rocco Piccinino
Maliaca Strom-Oxnam
Jian-Zhong Zhou


Science and Tecnology Databases Discussion Group

Complementary and alternative medicine information : questioning quality and authority
Sunday, June 16, 2002
9:30am - 11:00am
Wyndham Hotel, Zena room

Both our professional and personal experience with complementary and alternative medicine information has likely brought us to the realization that there is a great deal of conflicting, misleading, and biased information scattered throughout resources on which we rely. How do we as information specialists and consumers discern quality and authority for our patrons and ourselves? Join us for an enlightening discussion on this question.

We will have the pleasure of learning from Susan Case, adjunct faculty for the School of Nursing at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Susan does medical botany/herbalsism lectures and field trips for graduate nursing students. Her lectures/field trips provide information on pharmacognosy (the investigation of plants/phytochemicals used as therapeutic agents), regional use of medicinal plants, herbals, databases pertinent to alternative medicine, and field identification of medicinal plants. She has done collection development in the field of alternative medicine and has been both a clinical medical librarian and a history of medicine librarian. Susan has a M.S. in botany, and in her graduate work she studied phytochemicals. Now a science librarian, she often works with faculty and students who investigate plants that contain active compounds used in both traditional and alternative medicine. She is the KU Libraries bibliographer for biological and environmental sciences, and is interim bibliographer for molecular biology.

Please come to share your experiences, favorite resources and anecdotal stories with our group.

Angi Faiks and Donna Gagnier (co-chairs)


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