Minutes of the Meeting of the Subject & Bibliographic Access to Science Materials Committee of ACRL-STS


ALA Midwinter, Seattle
Saturday, January 20, 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Westin Seattle, Cascade Ballroom 1

Present: Beth Blanton-Kent, Susan Braxton, Anne Christie (co-chair), Judith Emde, Jin Ma, Britta Santamauro, Linda Yamamoto.

1.  Welcome and introductions


2.  Approval of minutes from Annual 2006, New Orleans and action item report

A number of editorial corrections were suggested.  The minutes were approved as corrected (moved and seconded by Susan and Beth).

Action items stated in ALA Annual 2006 minutes: Remove draft status designation from the minutes on the committee’s web site:  Done.

Survey action items:

  • Review number ranges for Questions 3 and 4: Done
  • Review Questions 29-33 and 41-44 which have specific relevance to cataloging issues: Done
  • Draft a survey introduction and concluding questions and distribute to committee: Done
  • Finish up work on the list of US survey recipients:  Done.  Originally intended to identify two names per institution but the decision was made to send to only one name per institution.
  • Test the Survey Monkey versions of the survey. Phase 1 has been tested.
  • Investigate the need for IRB submission.  Bryna & Sophie will investigate at their institutions.
  • Send out task list for writing up the project. This was done after midwinter and will be sent out again as a reminder.
  • Compile a list of possible venues for posters and presentations.  Initial plans were to be ready for 2007 annual STS research forum but the project won’t be ready.
  • Draft a submission for an ACRL Action Plan to obtain travel funds for US participation. Submission wasn’t successful.


3.  SBASM web site update

Susan Braxton will take over the management of the SBASM web site.  The site will migrate to the ALA server where the main STS web site resides.

Action item: Susan will follow up with Paul St-Pierre (STS web editor) regarding the migration of the site.


4.  Old/Ongoing business – ETD survey project

  • Literature review update - Susan Braxton, Rick Sarcia, Susan Copeland (UK collaborator), Bryna Coonin, and Anne Christie are on the task list to review the literature.  Bryna will select articles previously reviewed that are the most useful and focused on our project.  The subcommittee will survey the latest two years of literature from 2005-2007 in LibLit, LISA, EDUCAUSE, LISTA, D-Lib, ETD proceedings, and ERIC.  Additional British sources will also be reviewed.  Keywords to be searched:  electronic thes*s & dissertation*; ETD*; online thes*s & dissertation*; digital thes*s & dissertation*.  The subcommittee will divide up the databases to be searched.

Action item: Anne will follow up with the literature review group after ALA.

  • Review of survey questions and introduction - Some initial comments regarding the survey were cosmetic and concerns were stated regarding the length.  Utilizing the skips will help to shorten the survey.  The committee reviewed Sophie’s document to help in understanding the objectives of the survey.  Anne also pointed out that the emphasis of the survey is in regard to “institutional ETD programs” not commercial access to ETDs.   Anne stated that the U.S. survey needs to include the same questions as the U.K. survey to allow for comparison.  With that idea as a guideline, the committee reviewed the U.S. questions, keeping those questions in common with the U.K. survey and deciding what additional questions to retain.  Decisions on retention of additional questions usually depended on its relation to the main question of "access".   A number of editorial suggestions were made as to standardizing the wording and changing some of the yes/no satisfaction responses to a Likert scale.

As to the introduction, it was suggested to include wording that the participant was selected to complete the survey and to be very clear about the length and number of questions in the survey.  Also state that if the institution doesn’t have an IR and ETD program, we would still appreciate his/her completion of the survey. The introduction needs to be reviewed further via e-mail by the committee members.

Action items:

  1. Anne will compile the suggestions and comments from the committee’s review and send it to the committee for additional comments.
  2. Anne, Sophie and Bryna will work on revisions to the survey introduction (and e-mail solicitation).
  3. Bryna will make the changes in SurveyMonkey and send out the link for one more review by the committee.
  • Project timeline - The plan is to send out the survey by March.  Hopefully, data will be available by the ALA annual meeting.  Anne asked if anyone had wiki capabilities to help with the committee work on the survey. 

Action item: Anne will inquire more about the option of using a wiki to help with writing the report on our survey.


5. New Business

  • Issues for STS Council meeting on Monday - None suggested.
  • Virtual meetings and online communities - The STS Publications Committee conducted online meetings via the phone and ACRL online community software. Anne participated in one of the meetings.  The committee members could correspond with each other while other participants listened.  The meeting went reasonably well and a nice feature is receiving transcripts of the meeting.  The Publications Committee will present a report on this service to Council. 

Action items:

  1. Anne will ask for information about the ACRL online community software at the STS Council meeting on Monday, Jan 22.
  2. Jin Ma will check with another committee re ACRL capabilities for the virtual meetings.
  • Future program planning (added to the agenda) - Anne reported on an international interdisciplinary workshop for scientists that she attended.  Scientists are required by funding agencies to submit metadata with their research data.  Examples of metadata are: EML (ecological); GIS.    Anne suggested that it would be helpful to librarians to learn more about conditions under which the metadata is being collected. 


6.  Announcements

Linda announced that UC Berkeley will be advertising for an entry level engineering librarian.


7.  Adjournment

Committee adjourned at 12:30 pm.  The next meeting will be at ALA Annual in Washington, D.C.

Minutes submitted by  Judith Emde