Minutes of the Meeting of the Subject & Bibliographic Access to Science Materials Committee of ACRL-STS

ALA Midwinter, San Antonio
Saturday January 21, 2006 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Present: Georgia Baugh, Simon Bevan (guest and committee project collaborator), Beth Blanton-Kent, Sophie Bogdanski (consultant and committee project collaborator), Susan Braxton, Anne Christie (co-chair), Bryna Coonin (co-chair), Judith Emde, Jin Ma, Linda Yamamoto (intern)

I. Welcome and introductions

II. Approval of Minutes from Annual 2006, Chicago

No corrections offered. The minutes were approved as presented.


III. Housekeeping

Committee co-chairs will be contacting committee members to confirm the dates of their committee membership in preparation for 2006/2008 committee appointments.

IV. Report from Council I (Bryna)

  • The ACRL Liaison to the STS Council announced the soft launch of new software for managing meetings. It will be used first by the Executive Council and a few committees. There is not sufficient technical support as present to open it up further.
  • STS-L is the communication channel for the Section. All committee members should be members of the List and were asked to encourage their colleagues to sign up.
  • STS is establishing liaison with other professional organizations that have library groups, for example the Engineering Library Division of the American Society for Engineering Education. There will be some travel funds available for attending these meetings. A call for volunteer attendees will be announced on STS-L.

V. Old/Ongoing Business (survey/article project)

Introduction of Simon Bevan and the ETHOS/ETD project - Simon Bevan from Cranfield University, UK, and Susan Copeland from the Robert Gordon University in Scotland are collaborating in STS SBASM's current project. Simon was able to attend ALA Midwinter. Susan Copeland is expected to attend ALA Annual in New Orleans .

Review of Current Committee Project - The current project is a survey of science and technology librarians at UK and US universities on issues connected with ETDs.

Survey Population – proposed that the US group would consist of 2 librarians identified from Carnegie Doctoral Extensive/Doctoral Intensive Institutions which are known to offer at least one doctoral program in science and technology. This is a more controlled methodology than sending the survey out blind to selected listservs. Respondents will be asked to name their institution. Help will be needed from committee members to identify the US librarians to whom the survey will be sent. Simon will check into whether a similar survey population can be identified for the UK so that the data collected will be comparable.

Literature Review – each committee member was asked to review some papers from a selected bibliography. Most have sent in their reviews. The bibliography will be narrowed to a core list of important articles.

Survey Questions – Simon Bevan, Sophie Bogdanski, and Susan Copeland worked during Fall 2005 to develop a list of potential survey questions. The Committee reviewed the survey draft with the following conditions in mind.

  • The survey will focus on use and perceptions of ETDS by science librarians..
  • The online survey should take no longer than 10-15 minutes for respondents to complete.
  • The focus of the survey is on ETDs rather than Institutional Repositories (IRs) more generally. This fits with the requirements for the ETHOS project.
  • Questions in which the respondent would have to find information from another source will be eliminated.
  • Questions for which the Committee could find the information from another source will be eliminated.

Project Timeline - Goal is to send out the survey in early Spring. This must be done to comply with the ETHOS project and the membership of the STS SBASM.  

Action Items

  • Simon will look into locating a list of UK universities similar to the US Carnegie list.
  • Bryna will revise the draft of survey questions as amended by the Committee review. It is hoped to have this done soon in order to test the survey before it is distributed.
  • Bryna and Anne will develop a methodology for committee member to assist in identifying science librarians from the selected institutions (123) on the US Carnegie list.
  • Submission of IRB proposal as needed. (Generally, a quick turnaround is expected)


VI. New Business

The Committee needs to give some thought to a new committee project for “life after our article.” Members were asked to submit ideas. This issue will be discussed again at the Annual Meeting in New Orleans . Sophie mentioned projects should be considered through the prism of Technical Services as the Committee was set up to bring Technical Services and Public Services together.

The Committee can also present formal programs. At this time, the next opportunity would be for ALA Annual in 2007. Planning ahead is needed. The Committee could seek a collaborator such as the STS General Discussion group.


VII. Announcements

Sophie mentioned the release of the first draft of part 1 of RDA (Resource Description and Access.) RDA is the successor to AACR2. It presents the next set of cataloging rules slanted towards the online environment. The latest buzz word "FRBR" is a conceptual framework that describes the bibliographic relationships between works and is the theory upon which RDA is based.

The advantages of the new online catalog at North Carolina State University were discussed. Endeca is the company that worked with NCSU on their online catalog project.

VIII. Adjournment

After 1:30 pm due to committee work on survey review.

Next meeting – ALA Annual, New Orleans .

Note: Bryna submitted a short report to Catherine Soehner on STS SBASM activities to be read at Council II on Monday, January 23.

Respectfully submitted,
Anne Christie
January 31, 2006