Minutes of the Meeting of the Subject & Bibliographic Access to Science Materials Committee of ACRL-STS

ALA Annual, Chicago
Saturday June 25, 2005 9:30 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

Present: Georgia Baugh, Beth Blanton-Kent, Sophie Bogdanski, Susan Braxton, Bryna Coonin, Steven Riel, Richard Sarcia,
Jin Ma (Penn State, incoming member), Anne Christie (Oregon State, incoming co-chair)

I. Corrections and Approval of Minutes from Midwinter 2005 in Boston

No corrections offered. The minutes were approved as presented.

II. Council I Report (Sophie)

Detailed minutes from Council I will appear on the STS web site, but highlights relevant to us immediately are:

  • ACRL is working on Action Planning to meet the goals set out in the Strategic Plan. '06 Board has set aside $50,000 for Sections to apply toward meeting these goals. Proposals for '06 and '07 money are due August 15th .
  • The Environmental Scanning that was done nearly 3 years ago needs to be updated. Sophie and Bryna will work on this during this conference and provide the necessary update to Julia Gelfand at Council II. Julia will collate and submit to ACRL for all of STS.
  • ACRL is forming an awards task force. The current chair of the Oberly Committee is an obvious choice from STS. Jeanne also asked for other suggestions for STS representation -- please let Sophie or Bryna know if you have suggestions.
  • A task force on grassroots advocacy is being formed in accordance with the theme for Camilla Alire's term as ACRL President.
  • Ray English spoke about the Scholarly Communication Committee's work
  • Information Literacy Standards for Science & Technology were approved at Council II at Midwinter. ACRL Standards & Accreditation Committee will vote on its approval on Sunday. If approved, it will be presented for final approval by the ACRL Board.
  • The proposed scheduling experiment of having all committee meetings meet simultaneously in a large room on Saturday morning was unanimously accepted.
  • Julia Gelfand drafted a proposal for appointing a Liaison Coordinator to more formalize STS's liaison relationship with other organizations. Currently ACRL has a formal liaison with AAAS and STS has liaisons with SLA and ASEE ELD which were assigned by the outside organizations. Please give any feedback to Sophie or Bryna before Council II.

III. Our survey/article project

We discussed building a common vision with our British colleagues in the project, Simon Bevan and Susan Copeland. The importance of keeping the survey/article focused on Sci/Tech EDTs was emphasized. Discussion followed on some directions for the questions for the survey.  We have established a November 21st deadline for a draft of the survey. Sophie plans to visit Susan Copeland and Simon Bevan over Thanksgiving. Simon and Susan are working on funding to allow them to attend Midwinter in San Antonio and Annual in New Orleans.

The bibliography is being developed and will be housed on the committee's web page. More information about the project will be dissemintaed via e-mail over the next few months.

IV. Announcement of STS programs planned at this conference

This information was shared, as well as notice of the LITA Emerging Issues Task Force program on institutional repsoitories on Monday of Annual.

V. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Bryna Coonin and Georgia Baugh