Minutes of the Meeting of the Subject & Bibliographic Access to Science Materials Committee of ACRL-STS

ALA Annual, Orlando, FL
Saturday June 26, 2004 9:30 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

Present: Georgia Baugh, Beth Blanton-Kent, Sophie Bogdanski, Bao Chu Chang, Bryna Coonin, Steven Riel, Richard Sarcia, Irwin Weintraub (no guests)
Absent: Anthony Oddo, Kavita Mundle (meeting conflict)

I. Corrections and Approval of Minutes from January 10, 2004

Suggested corrections (Steven will make):

  • In Section V, change "…minutes of the previous meeting at ALA Midwinter in Philadelphia needed to be approved" to "…minutes…were approved."
  • In Section VI, add names of two additional scheduled speakers from the Toronto ("SARS") program in addition to Irwin, who read Julia Gelfand's paper. Eric Childress of OCLC was the other scheduled speaker, as well as Ed Pentz of CrossRef.
  • In Section VII stop the paragraph on e-learning at "…if they came up with the content." No one could recall what was said concerning Stephanie Orphan and it was deemed best to omit mention of it.

The minutes were approved as amended.

II. Council I Report (Sophie and Bao)

  • New STS brochures were distributed. These will also be available at the STS booth if additional copies are desired.
  • SLA will work with the STS Continuing Ed Committee to survey science librarians to discover where their primary association involvements are (STS, SLA, ASEE, etc.).
  • Virtual members were discussed in Council I because Nancy Allen of ACRL brought it up using the example of the College Librarians Section which has been accepting virtual members. At this point our committee discussed the issue of virtual membership amongst ourselves. On the plus side it allows members who cannot attend meetings to participate in committee activity. The down side is the lack of networking opportunities. It was also pointed out that some committees lend themselves to this better than others. RUSA MARS's "Best Web Sites" group works fine virtually, for example. A committee like ours might be less suited to this, but it would depend on what kind of activities we were working on. Occasional conference calls might be useful if the committee has both virtual and non-virtual members, but this can be expensive. Other arguments against virtual membership (for our committee) is that it is more work for the chair(s), without a clear return for the committee. It is also more difficult to get buy-in on projects. Several members pointed out that personal relationships are important when the committee is working on a longer-term project together.
  • Sometimes members are at the conference but have a meeting conflict, but what of members who accept appointments, then do not attend conferences due to lack of funding? Should they be made "virtual"? The "curmudgeon" argument was advanced by several members, which is that when we accept physical appointment to a committee there is an implied commitment, regardless of the library's funding situation at the time of a given conference (personal emergencies excepted). Concerning repeated "no-shows," Sophie will report repeated "no-shows" to appropriate STS hierarchy. She will also check on the "ceiling" number for our committee, and the length of appointments and number of back-to-back reappointments allowed. She will e-mail the committee with her findings.
  • Bao distributed a list of STS-sponsored meetings and programs at this (Orlando) conference.
  • Sophie continued the Council I Orlando report. STS committees have some obligations to ACRL's Strategic Planning efforts. Sophie will e-mail the relevant document(s) to us. We will discuss this at Midwinter. [We have been asked to consider collaboration with other sections outside of STS.] A document called "Best Practices for E-Publishing" will be discussed at Council II. New STS officers were announced. Julia Gelfand will be chair-elect. Three proposals from STS were sent to ACRL: scholarly communication, continuing education/information literacy, and iformatics. Also reported was that Council noted that SLA offers reduced rates to ACRL STS members.
  • Sophie also reported on Council II from San Diego. The Publications Committee asked about our grey literature publication. We should keep them in the loop during this process, and remember to do so for any future publishing projects. If we are doing a research project, let's remember to alert Research as well.

III. Discussion of our Program on Sunday June 27

  • Note takers should try to get notes to Bryna by July 15
  • Bao passed out "seed" questions to come from audience if needed
  • Bao discussed whether classification and subject analysis is being used interchangeably (in the context of our program). Steven pointed out that sometimes classification is the only subject analysis an item is going to get.

IV. Our Web Presence

Our web presence was discussed. Bao and Bryna will work on this, adding our minutes, any links to our publications, roster of members, any information we have on past programs. Bao will set up the web page on "iBiblio" so that the page can remain there, transferring only the necessary passwords as the torch is passed from year to year. Once established, Georgia will help maintain this.

V. What's Next
We will begin discussing by e-mail what our next project will be.

VI. Thanks, Irwin!
Irwin is rotating off at the end of Annual. He was officially thanked for his service to the committee.

VII. Additional Discussion
All other items were tabled until Midwinter in Boston.

VIII. Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Bryna Coonin