Minutes of the Meeting of the Subject & Bibliographic Access to Science Materials Committee of ACRL-STS

ALA MidWinter, Boston MA
Saturday January 15, 2005, 9:30 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

Present: Georgia Baugh, Beth Blanton-Kent, Sophie Bogdanski, Susan Braxton, Bryna Coonin, Kavita Mundle, Anthony Oddo, Steven Riel, Richard Sarcia, Oliver Zeff (guest)

I. Corrections and Approval of Minutes from Annual in Orlando 2004

No corrections offered. The minutes were approved as amended.

II. Council I Report (Sophie and Bryna)

The proposed ACRL dues increase was discussed at Council, as was the STS strategic plan.

Two candidates for ACRL President spoke to Council. Their comments were summarized for this committee by Bryna and Sophie, and our personal preferences were expressed. Our committee was encouraged to read more about the candidates

A brief discussion followed concerning the idea of virtual members, based on a Council discussion.  No conclusions were reached.

III. Announcement of STS programs planned at this conference

The paper flyer listing these programs was shared.

IV. Our Web Presence

Our web presence was briefly discussed. Bryna will take over for Bao-Chu Chang, who is rotating off. Steven kindly offered to locate some historical minutes of the committee if it was considered to be a valuable piece to add. [Please note that e-mail discussion of this followed in the months following and it was determined that the amount of work Steven would have to do to uncover the minutes would be too much to ask, for questionable return.

V. Our next project

We are exploring the idea of a project, resulting in an article to be submitted to ISTL, concerning institutional repositories. Some ideas for exploration discussed were:

  1. OPAC vs. IR?
  2. Which softwares are currently being used?
  3. What are in the repositories (ETDs only? other)?
  4. United States vs. UK - libraries in Britain are further along in this whole effort and have a national call to develop institutional repositories in a standardized fashion
  5. Copyright issues concerning institutional repositories
  6. Controlled access is needed for best access - cataloguers are needed in this mix

We discussed the possibility of a survey. Sophie will get in touch with Susan Gibbons at the University of Rochester and Bob Wolverton (one of our panelists) to discuss further. We decided to brainstorm questions and send these to Bryna as they occur to you.

The URL for a list of existing institutional repositories created by Susan Gibbons is located at:

The possibility of co-sponsoring (with STS General Discussion Group) a panel for Annual 2005 was raised, as the deadline for reserving space for that conference has passed. If General Discussion Group has a room but no topic they might be interested in co-sponsoring. Bryna will get in touch with the group. [Note: General Discussion Group declined the offer BC]

Further information about our article project will follow over e-mail in the coming months.

VI. Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m

Respectfully submitted,
Bryna Coonin
6/1/05, approved at Annual in Chicago 6/25/05