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Pathfinders and Research Guides

  • 2012 Joint SRRT/LPSS ALA Annual Conference Program: National Security vs. The Right to Know - pathfinder/bibliography
  • 2011 ALA Annual Conference Program - The Legal Consequences of Environmental Crises: What Librarians Need to Know about the Gulf Oil Spill - pathfinder/bibliography
  • 2010 ALA Annual Conference Program - Participatory Democracy in an Internet Age - pathfinder/bibliography
  • 2009 ALA Annual Conference Program - Political Engagement: Facilitating Greater Participation in Civil Society - pathfinder/bibliography
  • 2008 ALA Annual Conference Program - Got Elections? Informing the Public - pathfinder/bibliography
  • 2007 ALA Annual Conference Program - Can Blogs Be Trusted? - pathfinder/bibliography
  • 2006 ALA Annual Conference Program - Beyond Katrina: Politics, Race and Lawpathfinder/bibliography
  • 2005 ALA Annual Conference Program - Making Sense of Public Affairs Research: What the Pros Can Teach Us - pathfinder | bibliography
  • 2004 ALA Annual Conference Program - Interactive and Collaborative Curricular Learning Communities: Recommended Readings and Resources - pathfinder
  • 2001 ALA Annual Conference Program - New Technologies New Oportunities: Collaborating with Faculty - pathfinder


Miscellaneous Publications and Releases


Product Information and Reviews

One of the ongoing efforts of the LPSS is to keep our members informed about the many valuable resources available by providing product information and in-depth reviews. These include:

Other recent reviews are located in the LPSS News, including:


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