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Previous Section Chairs

2013-present Lynda M. Kellam
2012-2013     LeRoy Jason LaFleur
2011-2012     Chad Kahl
2010-2011     Christopher Palazzolo
2009-2009     Erik Estep
2008-2009     Ann Marshall
2007-2008     Kelly Janousek
2006-2007     Kathleen Carlisle Fountain
2005-2006     Connie Salyers Stoner
2004-2005     Lynne Rudasill
2003-2004     Susan Parker
2002-2003     Barbara Norelli
2000-2001     Jan Lewis
1999-2000     Marifran Bustion
1998-1999     Paula Popma
1997-1998     Stephen Stillwell
1996-1997     Catherine Doyle
1995-1996     Judy Solberg
1994-1995     Ronald Heckart
1993-1994     Charles Spornik
1992-1993     Caroline Tibbetts
1991-1992     Pat McCandless
1990-1991     Marta Lange
1989-1990     Stephen Atkins
1988-1989     Natalie Schatz
1987-1988     Natalie Schatz
1986-1987     Peter B. Allison
1985-1986     Kathleen Gunning
1984-1985     Peter Malanchuk
1983-1984     Robert Goehlert
1982-1983     Robert Goehlert
1981-1982     Donald J. Dunn
1980-1981     Frances H. Hall
1979-1980     Tillie Kreiger
1978-1979     Susan C. Finsen
1977-1978     Signe A. Larsen
1976-1977     Catherine A. Porter

Former Newsletter Editors

2013- present  Dennis K. Lambert & Merrill D. Stein
2009-2011    Jodi Shepherd
2006-2009    Bruce Pencek
2003-2006    Catherine Shreve
1998-2003    Lucia Snowhill
1994-1998    Maurie Caitlin Kelly
1993-1994    Catherine Doyle
1991-1993    Karen Whitlesby
1988-1991    Barbara Burg, Co-Editor
1986-1991    Natalie Schatz

Previous Conference Program Titles

2013     Preparing, Sharing, & Archiving: What Scholars in Political Science
     and Law Need to Know & How We Can Help
2012     National Security vs. the Right to Know
2011     The Legal Consequences of Environmental Crises: What Librarians
     Need to Know about the Gulf Oil Spill
2010     Participatory Democracy in an Internet Age
2009     Political Engagement: Facilitating Greater Participation in Civil Society
2008     Giving Voters a Voice with Direct Democracy
2007     Can Blogs Be Trusted?
2006     Beyond Katrina: Politics, Race and Law
2005     Making Sense of Public Affairs Research: What the Pros Can Teach Us
2004     Interactive and Collaborative Curricular Learning Communities
2003     Crossing New Borders: Globalization and Copyright
2002     Librarians in the Big Leagues: Are You Ready for the Teaching Academy?
2001     New Technologies, New Opportunities: Collaborating With Faculty (Cancelled)
2000     Legal Websites Aren't Just for Lawyers
1999     Politics of Scholarly Communication
1998     Bridging an Understanding: The U.S. and the Middle East
1997     Politics of the Information Future
1996     Political Campaigning in Cyberspace: Selecting Leaders for the Future
1995     20th Anniversary Breakfast
1994     Binding Together in a Multicultural Society: Challenges for the Academy
1993     To Be or Not to Be PC: An Overview of the Political Correctness Debate
1992     Voluntary Action, Philanthropy, and the Non-Profit Sector: Overview and Resources
1991     Empowering the Public: Information Literacy for Environmental Issues
1990     Arms Control and Disarmament: Sources and Resources
1989     The Numbers Game: Public Opinion Data and Libraries
1988     Information Policies of International Organizations: Roadblocks to Access?
1987     Public Policy Alternative Sources: Access and Use
1986     Issues in Providing Legal Information to Non-Lawyers

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