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2015 ALA Annual


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Libraries Behind Bars: Education and Outreach to Prisoners (sponsored by LPSS, ANSS. LES)

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Data and Statistics E-Forum

May 19 & 20, 2015


About: The LPSS E-Forum is a discussion forum for LPSS members and non-members on issues that are of interest to Law and Political Science Librarians, and related areas.   The forum is a moderated discussion on specific topics for a select period of time.  These discussions are free of charge and available to anyone who wishes to subscribe to the list.

Topics include:

Data and Statistical Literacy, moderated by Lisa DeLuca, will define and describe the difference between data literacy and statistical literacy.  This discussion will reference the current literature highlighting examples of both types of literacy and how librarians can help students become aware of the differences between data and statistical literacy.  A bibliography of websites and sources to further participants understanding of data and statistical literacy will be included.

In Strategies for finding data and statistics, moderated by Sarah Elichko, participants will share their strategies and resources for connecting researchers with relevant data and statistics. This discussion will be tailored to participants' interests, challenges, and suggestions. The conversation will be framed around some broadly useful resources for doing data reference, including statistical compilations, statistical agencies (government, NGO, IGO), and data repositories (interdisciplinary and discipline-specific).

Purchasing, housing, and distributing datasets will be moderated by Catherine Morse.  In this portion of the e-forum, we will discuss the challenges and potential solutions needed to connect political science researchers with the data collections they need. Data in our collections may appear in various formats: books, microforms, CD-ROMs, websites, spreadsheets etc. and may be freely available to access or only available through purchase or subscription. The various formats and methods of acquisition present challenges for libraries to provide access to users and ensure preservation. 

Our moderators include:

Lisa DeLuca, the Social Sciences Librarian at Seton Hall University, where she is the liaison to the School of Diplomacy, Political Science & Public Administration and History Departments. 

Sarah Elichko, the Social Sciences Librarian at Swarthmore College, serves as liaison to the Political Science, Economics, History, and Sociology/Anthropology departments and as the subject specialist for government information.

Catherine Morse, the collection budget manager for the Clark Library for Maps, Data and Government Information at the University of Michigan.  She selects spatial and numeric data for the campus and is the subject specialist for political science, US government information and law. 

To Subscribe: Go to http://lists.ala.org/sympa/info/lpss-profdev-forum   If you are already subscribed to any ALA/ACRL list, you can login using your email and password and then click on the “Subscribe” link on the left-hand side of the page. If you are not subscribed to an ALA/ACRL list, you will need to click on the "first login" link and enter the email address where you would like to receive the group's messages. A password will then be sent to you which you can then use to login. After that, you will be able to subscribe by clicking on the “Subscribe” link. To change your password, login and click on the "Your Preferences" link.


2014 Annual LPSS Program:

“Sharing” Water and Information:
Water Policy in the Colorado River Basin
with featured speaker, Pat Mulroy

Saturday, June 28, 2014 - 1:00pm  to 2:30pm, Bally's Palace 3

Sharing Water and Information Pathfinder

Mrs. Mulroy has served as the General Manager of the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) from 1993 to her retirement in early 2014. SNWA is a not-for-profit cooperative agency established in 1991 which manages regional water sources and focuses on the water needs of Southern Nevada. The forum will focus on Mrs. Mulroy’s experience as General Manager of SNWA and how negotiating water policy for southern Nevada included many partners and players. As a public figure, Mrs. Mulroy has been a key player in providing water policy information to the public, which, with a resource as essential as water, draws much public scrutiny.  Mrs. Mulroy was a driving force in the acquisition of water in southern Nevada, having negotiated several of interstate and international water agreements.  The forum will provide a glimpse into water policy and the politics of sharing information and water between states, governments, and internationally.  

Download to your calendar from the ALA Scheduler.

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