2002-2003 LPSS Committees and Rosters

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Executive Committee

Barbara Norelli, Chair, 2003, term exp. 2004
Christine Angolia, Secretary, exp. 2003
Kathleen (Kathi) Fountain, Member-at-Large, exp. 2003
Dr. Michael G. Jackson, Member-at-Large, exp. 2004
Susan E. Parker, Vice Chair, 2003, term exp. 2005
Lisa Stimatz, Past-Chair, exp. 2003

Conference Program Planning Committee – 2003

Lynne P. Rudasill, Chair, exp 2003
Brian Coutts, exp. 2003
Kathleen M. DeLong, exp. 2003
Travis Johnson, exp. 2003
Marcus E. Kieltyka, exp. 2003
Dennis Lambert, exp. 2003
Patti Ryan, exp. 2003
Connie Salyers Stoner, exp. 2003
Barbara Norelli, Ex-officio, exp. 2003

Library Instruction Committee

Lorena O’English, Chair exp. 2003
Barbara Mann, exp. 2003
Bruce Pencek, exp. 2004
Theresa (Tess) Trost, exp. 2003

Marta Lange/CQ Press Award Committee

Connie Salyers Stoner, Chair, exp. 2003
Kelly Janousek, term exp. 2003
Binh Le, exp. 2004
Jan Lewis, exp. 2004
Marian Shaaban, exp. 2003
Graham Walden, exp. 2004

Membership Committee

Kathleen (Kathi) Fountain, Chair, exp. 2003
Dr. Michael G. Jackson, exp. 2004
Peter Kraus, exp. 2004
Becky Lutkenhaus, exp. 2004
Thomas Schaffer, exp. 2004
Marian Shaaban, exp. 2004

Nominating Committee

Gabrielle Carr, Chair, exp. 2003
Barbara Norelli, exp. 2004
Susan E. Parker
Lisa Stimatz, Past-Chair, exp. 2003

Publications Committee

Thomas L. Mann, Chair, exp. 2004
Brian Coutts, exp. 2004
Travis Johnson, exp. 2004 (Webmaster)
Suping Lu, exp. 2004
Patricia McCandless, exp. 2004 (listserv mgr)
Madison Mosley, exp. 2003
Lucia Snowhill, exp. 2004 (Newsletter Editor)

Review & Planning Committee

Lisa Stimatz, Chair, exp. 2003
Christine Angolia, Secretary, exp. 2004
Mercedez Benitez-Sharpless, exp. 2004
Susan E. Parker, exp. 2005
Merle Slyhoff, exp. 2004

Vendor & Publisher Review Committee

Geraldine (Gerri) Foudy, Chair, exp. 2003
Mary Gilles, exp. 2004
Marcus Kieltyka, exp. 2003
David Lincove, exp. 2003
Atifa Rawan, exp. 2004

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