2013-2014 LPSS Committees

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Full committee rosters for LPSS can also be found on the ACRL website with a valid ALA login.


Chair: Jeremy Darrington, exp. 2015
Vice Chair/Chair Elect: Rosalind Tedford, exp. 2015
Past Chair: Lynda M. Kellam,  exp. 2015
Secretary: Jodi Shepherd, exp. 2015
Social Media Coordinator:  Sara Arnold-Garza, exp. 2015
Webmaster: Jen Schwartz, exp. 2015
Member-at-large: Sarah Hogan, exp. 2016
Member-at-large:  Elizabeth Lynn White, exp. 2015
Board Liaison: Loretta R. Parham, exp. 2015
Staff Liaison: Megan R. Griffin, exp. 2015

Executive Committee on ALA Connect


Plans and reviews the content of LPSS News, the semi-annual section newsletter. Establishes newsletter policies, solicits/submits articles, reviews, and other pertinent information of interest to section members, and assists the editor in the production of the newsletter. Oversees the content and production of the LPSS website. Assists the LPSS webmaster in the production of the LPSS website.


Communication and Publications Committee

Chair: Emily Ford, exp. 2015
Newsletter Editors: Dennis K. Lambert & Merrill D. Stein, exp. 2016
Social Media Coordinator: Sara Arnold-Garza, exp. 2016
Web Editor: Jennifer Schwartz, exp. 2015

Communication and Publications Committee on ALA Connect


To plan and implement the annual conference program and coordinates program sponsorship with other ALA units as appropriate.

Conference Program Planning Committee, San Francisco 2015

Co-Chairs: Sarah Hogan, exp. 2015; Matt Marostica, exp. 2016
Staff Liaison: Megan Griffin, exp. 2015

Program Planning Committee on ALA Connect


Supports the continued development of law and political science librarians and librarianship in regards to library instruction, research support, collection development, technology and new media, scholarly communication, and other areas related to the profession and the Section.  Works closely with the Executive, Membership, and Program Planning committees and may also coordinate with LPSS liaisons to external professional organizations.

Professional Development Committee

Chair: Lynn Marie Thitchener, exp. 2015

Professional Development Committee on ALA Connect


To recognize annually an academic or law librarian who, through research, other creative activity, or service to the profession, makes distinguished contributions to bibliography and information service in law or political science.

Marta Lange/CQ Press Award Committee

Chair: Mary Kathryn Oberlies, exp. 2015
Staff Liaison: Chase Ollis, exp. 2015

Award Committee on ALA Connect


Encourages new membership and the active participation of members in LPSS activities. Plans and hosts the section social at annual conferences. Creates and updates the section brochure.

Membership Committee

Chair: Elizabeth Lynn White, exp. 2015

Membership Committee on ALA Connect


Prepares a slate of officers for annual elections.

Nominating 2015 Committee

Chair: Chad Kahl , exp. 2015
Staff Liaison: Megan Griffin, exp. 2015

Nominating Committee on ALA Connect


Ensure the Section’s immediate and long-term goals match with appropriate ALA and ACRL strategic planning efforts and documents. Maintain the Section governance procedures and Manual.

Membership of this committee consists of [the two previous Past Chairs, one as chair and most immediate past chair as one] of up to six other members.

Review and Planning Committee

Chair: LeRoy Jason LaFleur, exp. 2015

Review and Planning Committee on ALA Connect


To work on strategies for better communication with publishers and vendors in the field of law and political science; to review and critique major reference sources in the field of law and political science, and to communicate to publishers the need for improvements in these sources as necessary.

Vendor/Publisher Review Committee

Chair: Annelise Sklar, exp. 2015

Vendor/Publisher Liaison and Review Committee on ALA Connect

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