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(For communications purposes, the Chair and the Immediate Past-Chair of LES regularly attend the ACRL Sections Council, whose purpose and function are described below.)

Statement of Functions and Organization

The following information is quoted from the 1998 ACRL Guide to Policies and Procedures:

I. Name

A. The name of the Council is the Sections Council.

II. Functions of the Sections Council

A. The Council should not be a legislative body but rather a vehicle for communication. Section business should not be filtered through the Council before consideration by the Board.

B. The Council should be a forum for the sharing of information about programming and projects among the section representatives. The Council is not a "clearance center" for programs, merely an information exchange and an opportunity for interaction among section leaders. Chairs of each section submit a Strategic Plan Implementation Report on the conference programming, projects, preconferences, and other activities of the section to the ACRL office by April 30. These reports are compiled by the ACRL office and shared with membership units.

C. The Council should take an active role in promoting sections in the life of ACRL.

D. The Council should discuss issues of common interest that are before the ACRL Board or should be brought before the Board.

III. Organization

A. The Sections Council is composed of the chair and vice-chair/chair-elect of each type-of-activity and type-of-library section.

B. The position of chair rotates among the section chairs in full alphabetical order (not alphabetical order by acronym), beginning with AFAS. The secretary position rotates among current section chairs in full reverse alphabetical order, beginning with WSS.

C. The Chair of the Council appoints a nominating committee to nominate two ACRL members to run for director-at-large positions on the ACRL Board. Two director-at-large positions are nominated by the Council.

D. The meeting of the Council shall usually be scheduled after the ACRL Leadership or similar meeting and prior to the ACRL Board meeting. The Council should meet at a time when no ACRL section activity or meetings are scheduled.

E. Minutes should be kept and copies provided to the ACRL office.

F. The agenda should have the following items:

    1. report and news from ACRL office and ACRL Board
    2. reports from sections on activities and projects
    3. discussion of items of interest to the activity sections that are before the ACRL Board or should be brought before the Board.

At the Annual Conference, the agenda should have the above three items and appointment of nominating committee (in appropriate years).

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