Vice-Chair Functions and Responsibilities

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  1. Serves as officer of section, and assists in advancing the goals and objectives of the section and ACRL. (Serves one year as vice-chair/chair-elect, followed by one year as chair and one additional year as immediate past-chair.)
  2. As a member of the LES Executive Committee, attends meetings of the committee at the Midwinter Meeting and the Annual Conference, including, if possible, those at the Annual Conference immediately preceding the taking of office.
  3. Appoints a conference program planning committee, which is responsible for planning the section's program at the Annual Conference during vice-chair's term as chair. Serves as chair of that committee or appoints a separate chair. Note that the terms of office for the conference program planning committee members differs from the terms of other standing committees (see "LES Committees" section of manual), and that this committee must be appointed by the Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect in the fall, considerably earlier than other committee appointments.
  4. Appoints all standing committee members and chairs whose terms will begin during vice-chair's term as chair. Appoints new members as needed to meet the recommended number for each committee. In accordance with the ACRL Bylaws, Article XVIII, Section 3, to encourage broad participation, may appoint committee interns for one year terms. Forwards signed ACRL Committee Appointment Acceptance forms to ACRL.
  5. Submits section budget request by December 1 for term as chair. Participates in ACRL budget orientation. Meets deadlines for requests for payment or reimbursement, according to the budget submitted.
  6. Assists in planning the programs and projects which the section will pursue during term as chair.
  7. Responds to inquiries from members and non-members regarding section interests and activities.
  8. Serves on the ACRL Conference Program Planning committee, and (if acting as chair of the section's Conference Program Planning Committee), reports to ACRL vice-chair at meeting of the committee on LES program being planned for Annual Conference during term as chair.
  9. Co-represents LES as a substitute on the ACRL Section Council if either the Chair or the Immediate Past-Chair is unable to attend a meeting of the Council.

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