Chair Functions and Responsibilities

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  1. Serves as chief officer of section, and assists in advancing the goals and objectives of the section and ACRL.
  2. Chairs Executive Committee and membership meetings at Midwinter and Annual Conference.
  3. Serves as ex-officio member of LES Planning Committee.
  4. Attends all meetings of section committees, when possible.
  5. Oversees or delegates oversight of LES conference program at Annual Conference, in collaboration with the Conference Program Planning Committee.
  6. Responsible for LES projects pursued during term of office.
  7. Meets deadlines for budget requests for payment or reimbursement, according to the budget being submitted.
  8. Schedules all LES committee meetings and programs for Midwinter and Annual conferences, after consulting with Executive Committee.
  9. Notifies ALA Conference Arrangements Office of meeting times and space needs for all section meetings and programs.
  10. Submits reports to ACRL Board on LES activities.
  11. Responds to inquiries from members and non-members regarding LES interests and activities.
  12. Co-represents LES, with Immediate Past-Chair, at meetings of ACRL Section Council. Presents oral report on section events and plans to Council.
  13. Writes column for LES newsletter twice a year, if desired.

In addition to the functions and responsibilities listed above, the Chair should make note of the following checklist of reminders:

General Practical Advice

Stay in touch with other officers between conferences.

Three months before each Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference

  • Begin planning discussion topic or topics for Membership Meeting, and solicit volunteers to lead the discussions.

Six weeks before each Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference

  • Prepare agendas for Executive Committee and General Membership Meeting. Review minutes from previous meetings and contact LES officers to help determine agenda items.
  • Review activities of other LES committees and contact chairs.

Four weeks before each Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference

  • E-mail agendas and cover letter to all Executive Committee members. Be sure to include the schedule of all LES committee meetings and their locations. This information is available from the Final Schedule of Meetings sent by ALA Conference Arrangements Office about four weeks before each Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference.
  • Post agenda for General Membership Meeting and the schedule/locations of all LES meetings on LES-L.

During each Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference

  • Chair Executive Committee and Membership Meetings.
  • Attend meeting of section's committees when possible.
  • Attend meeting of ACRL Sections Council. Prepare oral report of section events/plans to be presented at Council meeting. Take notes of announcements and items of interest to be shared with LES Executive Committee and membership.
  • Attend ACRL Board meeting if possible (optional).
  • Draft schedule for all section committee meetings for next conference. Review schedule with Executive Committee to be sure there are no major conflicts with the section.

During Midwinter Meeting

  • Assist Conference Program Planning Committee in finalizing wording for section program at upcoming Annual Conference. Be sure form is submitted to ALA Conference Arrangements Office by deadline in late January.
  • Prompt Vice-Chair to identify potential new committee chairs and members. Deadline for submission of committee membership lists to ACRL is in March.

During Annual Conference

  • Oversee LES program, unless a separate Conference Program Planning Committee chair has been appointed.
  • Work with Conference Program Planning Committee for next Annual conference to complete form requesting time slot and reporting title and/or subject of program. Form must be submitted to ALA Conference Arrangements Office by August deadline. Chair of next year's Conference Program Planning Committee reports same information to ACRL vice-chair during ACRL Conference Program Planning Committee meeting.

Additional information can be found within the Dates and Deadlines section of ACRL Policy and Procedures, Chapter 4.

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