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The following information is quoted from the 1998 ACRL Guide to Policies and Procedures:

4.4 Funding

4.4.1 Budget procedures

The fiscal year begins September 1. ACRL staff submits the budget to ALA the spring prior to the beginning of that fiscal year, and the ACRL Board approves the budget at Annual Conference.

4.4.2 Basic services

All sections are eligible for Basic Services Funding. The level of funding will be based on the size of the section's membership and will be automatically allotted to the section. Support for electronic communication and services is a basic service provided by the ACRL office. Basic Services Funding may be used for the following activities: to reimburse section committee members for photocopying, postage, telephone, and other activities not prohibited in the following paragraph.

Basic Services Funding exists to facilitate sections' ability to carry out their basic mission and strategic goals of ACRL. Basic Services Funding may not be used for equipment and software purchases, speaker expenses and travel honoraria for librarian speakers in accordance with ALA fiscal policy. In addition, audio visual production projects including film and film development require advance approval from ACRL.

The formula for basic services funding for sections effective with the 1999–2000 fiscal year is shown below. The formula will be adjusted in the initial years to reflect significant changes in the size of membership in ACRL and in its sections.

Membership Section Levels Allocation Amount

  • Small (under 1,000)$500
  • Medium (1,001 to 2,499) class=tableborderzero>$1,000
  • Large (2,500 and over)$1,500

Source: ACRL Board, June 1997

4.4.3 Initiative funding

Sections may request financial support for new and ongoing projects that challenge the status quo or explore leading edge ideas that would show tangible results to either ACRL, the professions of academic librarianship, or higher education, and support specific strategic directions of the Strategic Plan. Proposed projects may also target activities and programming with specific higher education discipline-based organizations. Funding may range from $500 to $2,500 for each approved project. Initiative Fund requests are due March 15. (See Initiative Fund Criteria and Application form)

A section receiving Initiative Funding must submit a written project report to the ACRL Board, through the ACRL office, describing the activity and its results, at the time final payment or reimbursement is requested. Source: ACRL Board, February 1995 and June 1997.

4.4.4 Reimbursement

Reimbursement of expenses is handled in accordance with ALA and ACRL policies and procedures. Submit two copies of the Reimbursement Request Form, original receipts such as airline ticket passenger receipts, hotel bills, etc., to ACRL before August 15 of the current fiscal year.

4.4.5 Funds for brochures

Funding allocations of up to $750 to support production and distribution of section brochures are awarded on a rotation schedule. The level of funding awarded is determined by the size and structure of the section. To be considered for these funds, send a written request to the ACRL office by December 10 in the year before the finding is needed. (See Tipsheet #15) Source: ACRL Budget and Finance Committee, 1994.

4.4.6 Membership Labels/Lists

Sections may request up to 2 sets of labels or membership lists from the ACRL office per fiscal year. Additional sets will be charged against the section's allocations. The section chair should send a written request by mail or e-mail to ACRL Member Services to process the request.

4.4.7 Contracts

ALA is the legal and financial entity with respect to financial and contractual obligations incurred by ACRL as a division of ALA. The ACRL executive director is accountable to ALA for compliance with financial and other policies and guidelines. All contracts must be approved by the ACRL executive director and signed by an ALA associate executive director.

4.4.8 Special Events Funding

To support the networking aspects of section membership, the ACRL Board of Directors has made funding provisions through temporary loans to sections that allows them to enter into agreements for facilities, food and entertainment. ACRL will advance a $1,500 loan to a section annually. The loan is to be repaid in full to the ACRL office one month prior to the date of the event. Requests for special events loans are due 12 months prior to the date of the event and must be submitted with a plan for the event. (See Special Events Request Form)

In planning for special events, member leaders are authorized to negotiate terms for facilities, meals and entertainment, and collect contract information for ACRL's review and ALA approval or ask the venue to send information directly to the ACRL Director of Member Services.

Members are not authorized to sign contracts or letters of agreement for use of facilities, meals or entertainment. All contracts and letters of agreement must be sent to the attention of ACRL Director of Member Services for review by the ACRL Executive Director and signature of approval by the ALA Associate Executive Director for Member Programs and Services.

Source: ACRL Board June 1999.

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