To subscribe to the LES-L Archive:

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  1. Scroll down to Options at the bottom of the screen and select Register for a full account.
  2. Complete the Registration Form. Be sure to record your Login and Password for future use.
  3. You will receive a Registration Confirmation to your email account.
  4. When you receive the Registration Confirmation email, you must copy the Registration-ID number into your email Subject line before you confirm your registration. Then forward or reply the email message to the address they provide and your registration will be complete.

To read LES-L Archived Messages:

  1. Select Registered User Access.
  2. Sign in with your Login and Password.
  3. On the Main Menu, select “Show lists for which I am a __ subscriber.”
  4. Select the list (LES-L).
  5. Select List Archives.

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