Tips and Trends

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Tips and Trends, written by Instructional Technologies Committee members, introduces and discusses new, emerging, or even familiar technology which can be applied in the library instruction setting. Issues are published 4 times a year.

Summer 2015: Libraries in the Learning Management System (PDF)
Twitter Chat Wed., Sept. 23 at 11am PST/1pm CST/2pm EST

Spring 2015: Game-Based Learning (PDF)
Online Discussion Archive (May 19, 2015)

Winter 2015: Collaborative Learning Technologies (PDF)

Fall 2014: Online Presentation Creation Tools (PDF)

Spring 2014: Technology for Flipping the Classroom (PDF)

Winter 2014: Mind & Concept Mapping (PDF)

Summer 2013: Social Media (PDF)

Spring 2013Animations (PDF)

Winter 2013: Web Conferencing Software (PDF)

Fall 2012: Citation Managers (PDF)

Summer 2012: Instruction & Assessment Management (PDF)

Spring 2012: Research Guide Technologies (PDF)

Winter 2012: Classroom Response Systems (PDF)

Fall 2011: Mobile Tech in the Classroom (PDF)

Summer 2011: QR Codes (PDF)

Winter 2011: Screencasting (PDF)

Winter 2008: Facebook (PDF version)

Fall 2007: Second Life (PDF version)

Summer 2007: Electronic Whiteboards (PDF version)

Spring 2007: YouTube (PDF version)

Winter 2007: Wikis

Spring 2006: Plagiarism Detection Systems

Winter 2006: Tablet PCs

Fall 2005: Blackboard: New and Improved

Spring 2005: Clicker Culture

Summer 2004: Survey of Multimedia Software Creation

Spring 2004: Use of Course Management Systems


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