Why Should You Write Measurable Objectives

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Why is it important to write measurable objectives? First, because measurable objectives will assist us in determining if we are making effective use of Section resources, and meeting the needs of our members.

Second, the new Strategic Plan adopted by the Instruction Section provides for a new vision for the future of the Section, including developing a closer relationship between the Section's activities and its stated goals.

Revising goals into measurable objectives will assist us in planning its activities for the next year, and upon completion of those activities, determining its success.

Each fall, committee chairs will submit their goals for the next year to begin the planning process. These goals must be in the form of SMART objectives. Once the goals have been submitted, the Planning committee will review the goals, evaluate them based on the criteria presented, and send feedback to the committee chairs.

After completing this series of web pages, you should have an understanding of the goal-setting process. You should understand the difference between goals and objectives, and recognize the value of writing SMART objectives. Finally, you should be able to submit your committee's goals for next year in the form of SMART objectives.

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