Suggestions for Writing SMART Objectives

Now you should have some idea of what information needs to be included to make an objective measurable. We will now return to the SMART framework, to offer some suggestions on what kind of information should be included within your objectives to make them SMART, followed by examples.


  • Concrete
  • Use action verbs

Example #1:

Original objective:
IS supports professional development for academic instruction librarians.

Specific objective:
IS promotes study, research, publication and other development opportunities for academic and research instruction librarians.

Example #2:

Original Objective:
The Learning to Teach Virtual Task Force will facilitate continuing education for instruction librarians.

Specific Objective:
The Learning to Teach Virtual Task Force will create a web-based site for the content of the Section's Learning to Teach Preconference that will be a continuing education opportunity for instruction librarians.

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