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Analysis of Evaluating an Objective

Why was Team 1 congratulated while Team 2 was deemed to have failed? Team 1 is congratulated because of the vagueness of its goal--they only needed to keep "as many balloons as they can" in the air, so, no matter how well they perform, they will have achieved their goal. Team 2, on the other hand, needed to keep "ALL the balloons" in the air, an almost impossible goal. No matter how well they did, they would fail.

The Team Balloon exercise is a good illustrator of the importance of writing SMART objectives.

Below, you will find several questions about this exercise.  Think about your own answer to the following questions before clicking on the "Answer" link.

Question Answer
Question 1: Was the goal of keeping "As many balloons as you can in the air" SMART? Answer
Question #2: Was the goal of keeping "All balloons in the air" SMART? Answer
Question #3: What happens when a goal is vague? Answer
Question #4: What can occur if the goal is not attainable? Answer
Question #5: What could the leader have done differently to make this more effective? Answer
Question #6: What do the balloons represent? Answer
Question #7: How is this similar or different to goal setting at work in IS?
This one is for you to answer

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