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November 2003 Site of the Month

Information Literacy Tutorial

Authors: Joan D'Andrea, Mark Meng, Brian Mikesell, Shilpa Karnik, Ben Turner
Interviewer: Cassandra Osterloh


The Information Literacy Tutorial is a self-paced online interactive tutorial comprising ten modules. The goal is to teach concepts and skills for using St. John's University Libraries.

Interview with the tutorial author:

Q. What was the motivation for creating the Information Literacy Tutorial?

A. The tutorial was needed for a newly instituted freshman course called Discover New York. This is a core course that introduces students to the college experience. The tutorial is a complement to the Information Literacy component of the course.

Q. How long did the creation process take? Who was involved? What technology did you use?

A. A little longer than a year, but it has been updated yearly, since then. We are in our third year. Three librarians and three students were involved in the process with some help from Computing Services. Various software tools were used such as Flash and Shockwave.

Q. What were some of the challenges (technological or other) that you faced?

A. Not too many challenges. We had an Information Literacy committee that worked on it, with our E Studio department. Students also had a part in creating it. This was something that got full support from the university and the library.

Q. How has the Information Literacy Tutorial contributed to or influenced your library's instructional services?

A. It has impacted only insofar as the Discover New York classes are concerned. That is in a positive way. Librarians can use the tutorial as they teach and can be used by students and classroom faculty as a follow-up to our library sessions.

Q. How are the learning objectives of this site defined and measured?

A. There is a syllabus that we use that outlines the objectives. There are in class quizzes and quizzes at the end of each module on the tutorial. Also, the site is reviewed each semester and updated each summer.

Q. If you were to do it all over again, what would you differently (or the same)?

A. We would probably do it in the same way. It was something that fully covered a need and that was achieved. Possibly, we would make it more interactive and that is something we look to doing in the future.

To contact the authors of the Information Literacy Tutorial, please contact:

Joan D'Andrea < dandreaj@stjohns.edu>
Mark Meng < mengm@stjohns.edu>
Brian Mikesell < mikeselb@stjohns.edu>
Shilpa Karnik < karniks@stjohns.edu>
Ben Turner < turnerb@stjohns.edu