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PRIMO: Peer-Reviewed Instructional Materials Online
Site of the Month

Each Site of the Month interview offer insights and ideas from the creators and developers of projects accepted into the PRIMO database. The PRIMO database, which showcases exemplary online instruction materials, is maintained by the PRIMO Committee of the Instruction Section.

June 2015: Research Success Tutorials

May 2015: Big Picture Information Literacy Tutorials

April 2015: Is This Article Scholarly?

March 2015: Ace the Job Search Using Library Resources

December 2014: Ship to Shore Information Literacy Tutorial

November 2014: Developing a Research Question

October 2014: Research Tracker

September 2014: My Learning Essentials Online

June 2014: Being Digital: Skills for Life Online

May 2014: Research Therapy

April 2014: Evaluating Information

March 2014: Understanding Plagiarism

December 2013: Bowman Library Research Skills Tutorial

November 2013: Choosing a Topic

October 2013: Article Analysis

September 2013:  "How To" Online Information Literacy Tutorials

June 2013: Writing for Scholarly Journals

May 2013: iNAIT Interactive Guide

April 2013: Science Information Life Cycle

March 2013: Sundown at the Library

December 2012: How to Search a Database

November 2012: Introduction to EndNote: A WIT Libraries Tutorial

October 2012: SJSU Online Tutorials

June 2012: UT Libraries: Online Tour

May 2012: Aubie Asks @ the Libraries

April 2012: APA Style Citations Interactive Tool

March 2012: HELIOS (Hemingway Library Information Online Skills Tutorial)

December 2011: Information Literacy Tutorial

November 2011: The Search for the Skunk Ape

October 2011: Kimbel Library Instructional Videos

September 2011: Cooperative Library Instruction Project (CLIP)

June 2011: Cite it Right

May 2011: Research Essentials Tutorials

April 2011: PILOT

March 2011: Library Scene: Fairfield Edition

December 2010: The Productive Researcher

November 2010: What is a Database Tutorial

October 2010: Goblin Threat

September 2010: Research Basics 101

August 2010: The UC Irvine Libraries Online Workshop

May 2010: Finding Resources for Your Literature Review: Leaving No Stone Unturned

April 2010: Wit: Web-based Interactive Tutorial

March 2010: Diagnosis: Plagiarism

January 2010: APA Exposed: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about APA but Were Afraid to Ask

December 2009: Beginning Information Literacy for Distance Learners

November 2009: Peer Review in Five Minutes

October 2009: Avoiding Plagiarism

July 2009: The Lake Effect Research Challenge

June 2009: All About Plagiarism Tutorial

May 2009: Science Information Tutorial

April 2009: SMART: Successfully Master Academic Research Tutorial

March 2009: iResearch: Information Skills for Life

December 2008: Understanding the Difference Between Scholarly and Popular Sources

November 2008Guide to Research for Oral Presentations: Finding, Evaluating and Using Online Sources

October 2008: Submitting an Interlibrary Loan Request Online

September 2008: Company and Industry Research Tutorial

June 2008: Evidence-Based Practice Tutorial for Nurses

May 2008: ApolloRN

April 2008: Saving Student Brian

March 2008: Te Punga, the Voyager Tutorial

February 2008: Appalachian State University Library Research Tutorial

November 2007: TIP:  Tutorial for Information Power, University of Wyoming

October 2007: University of Nevada, Las Vegas Online Library Tutorials

September 2007: Citing Your Sources: APA and MLA Citation Styles

August 2007: Publish Not Perish

June 2007: Research 101

May 2007: The Information Literacy Game

April 2007: Searching the Pharmacology Literature

March 2007: Killam Quest

February 2007: A Beginner's Guide to Business Research

January 2007: Beyond the Walls of your Library: How to Find Books and More

December 2006: Workshop on the Information Search Process for Research (WISPR)

November 2006: What Makes a Journal Scholarly

October 2006: E-Z Research Workshop Tutorial

June 2006: Info Research 101: Surviving Your Essay

May 2006: PORT: Psychology Online Research Tutorial

April 2006: InfoSkills Tutorial

March 2006: Doing Research: An Introduction to the Concepts of Online Searching

February 2006: CLUE (Campus Library User Education)

November 2005: CINAHL Tutorial

October 2005: How to Read A Newspaper: A Minute Module

September 2005: NetTrail, The University of California Santa Cruz's Information Literacy Tutorials

August 2005: DISCUS: Developing Information Skills & Competence for University Students

June 2005: American University Library’s Information Literacy Tutorial

May 2005: Interactive Tutorials: Books, Articles, and Evaluation

April 2005: Get Started! UCSD Libraries

March 2005: SBU Library Research Guide

February 2005: How To Avoid Plagiarism

January 2005: Library Skills Program

October 2004: Library Online Tutorial: Foundations of Searching Library Resources

September 2004: You Quote It, You Note It

August 2004: Bruin Success with Less Stress

July 2004: Learn to Use the Citation Linker, Choosing a Database, Searching Using AND, OR, NOT (Boolean Searching), and Combining AND, OR, NOT (Advanced Boolean)

June 2004: FastTrack on InfoTrac Tutorial

May 2004: InfoPathways Tutorial

April 2004: CORE (Competitive Core Research Skills)

March 2004: FLYERS Tutorial

February 2004: Dudley Knox Library Orientation

January 2004: Finding Articles Online Tutorial

December 2003: Pilot: An Information Literacy Tutorial

November 2003: Information Literacy Tutorial

October 2003: LOBO, The Library Online Basic Orientation

September 2003: Research the Next Generation

August 2003: Primer

July 2003: OASIS: Online Advancement of Student Information Skills

June 2003: Information Competence for the Discipline of Black Studies

May 2003: Freshman Advising Workshop Library Tutorial

PRIMO: Peer-Reviewed Instructional Materials Online