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13-2 Fall 1996

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  1. Instruction Section News
  2. 1997 Midwinter Meeting

    Notes from the Chair: From Teaching to Learning

When asked what my theme would be for my year as chair of the Instruction Section, I thought immediately of the shift in higher education from the instruction that we are doing to the learning that is taking place as discussed by Robert Barr in the November 1995 issue of Change. The mission then, becomes that of producing learning with every student in whatever way works best. The challenge for us, as instruction librarians, becomes far greater under this paradigm, for we can not just point to the size of our instruction program to measure our success, but must look at the learning that is occurring with the students to see if we have met our goals. The idea raises many questions: Are we reaching our students? Are they l earning what we are trying to teach them? Are we the only teachers that should be providing instruction related to information research and evaluation? What is the optimum setting for this learning to occur? What does this mean for this Section, which is devoted to academic instruction librarians? It means that as we meet and design our programs, projects and committee activities, we keep in mind how these will ultimately enhance student learning; how we might collaborate with others on our campuses to reach all students in the best possible way; and how we might contribute to our member's ability to meet this challenge.

The ACRL Strategic Plan has emphasized and encouraged Sections to collaborate with other organizations beyond librarianship to meet our goals. For the Instruction Section this means exploring collaborat ions with other organizations devoted to teaching and learning. ACRL has also emphasized the importance of librarians taking leadership roles on their campuses. What better way than to seek cooperation and collaboration with all faculty and administrator s to reach a goal that is important for the institution as a whole, that of making every student a lifelong learner! To highlight this theme, the 1997 IS Program will focus on the learning library and will enlist the assistance of some very creativ e thinkers to help us explore ways that we might create such a place. This program was selected by ACRL as the President's Program and is being co-sponsored by several other Sections, an indication of the relevance and importance of learning to al l academic librarians.

-Loanne Snavely, Chair, Instruction Section

    IS Proposal Selected as ACRL President's Program for S.F.

ACRL President Bill Miller has selected the Instruction Section's 1997 Program, "Imagining the Learning Library," to be the ACRL President's Program for the San Francisco conference. It is very gratifying to have our program selected as one that wi ll be of great interest to the division as a whole and to have five other ACRL sections choose to co-sponsor the program with us.

The program will focus on the concept of the "learning library," a library whose purpose or "story" lies in inviting exploration and in presenting openings for learning and research. Among the featured speakers at the program will be two members of the Di sney Imagineering Team.

An important facet of the program will be the Showcase of Ideas, a forum in which librarians can present some of the forward-thinking and innovative ways they are communicating the teaching mission of the library and creating learning environments in thei r institutions.

At this point, the Conference Program Planning Committee is soliciting proposals for the Showcase and urges all interested IS members to consider participating in the event. The call for pa rticipation in the Showcase appears in this issue of the newsletter and also appears in the October issue of College and Research Libraries News.

-Natalie Pelster, Chair, 1997 Conference Program Planning

    ACRL Provides Grant to IS

ACRL has announced that it will provide an Initiative Fund grant for the IS Education for Library Instructors Committee project, entitled, "An Instructional Resource Package for Library Educators."

The grant funds the development of a brochure and Web site that contains resource information-including an annotated bibliography of materials of use in library instruction courses and a position paper on the value of teaching BI in library schools-for pe ople involved in the teaching and training of information professionals who are involved in instruction.

    N.Y. Program Examines 'Techno-Stress' Solutions

The 1996 IS Annual Conference program, entitled "Collaborative Solutions to Technostress: Librarians Lead the Way," addressed issues of concern of librarians who are struggling with the challenges of teaching both users and staff to deal with the explosio n of information and the technology that delivers much of this information. The purpose of the program was to focus on the use of collaborative solutions-solutions involving teaming with other groups in an organization or community-to help both groups sol ve problems that often lead to techno-stress. The program was jointly sponsored by the Instruction Section, the Library Instruction Round Table, and the New Members Round Table.

Noted science fiction writer, Hal Clement, opened the program with a discussion of current projects he is working on which require finding information in an array of information sources. Clement emphasized that he is not a computer nerd and, in fa ct, has many problems with using computers. As a consequence, he relies on libraries and librarians for much of his research. He expressed with conviction both the need for librarians to assist users of the future and the desire that information become e asier to find and acquire.

The second speaker, Richard Hudiberg, a psychologist from the University of North Alabama, discussed his "Computer Hassle Scale," a tool for measuring techno-stress among computer users. Hudiberg offered various solutions to the problems of techno- stress, primarily focusing on relaxation techniques and the benefits of education about technology. He provided two copies of his hassle scale, one for attendees to use themselves, and one for them to take back to their institutions for use among their s taff or users.

The final part of the program featured three librarians who have developed cooperative programs in dealing with information and technology. Nancy Dewald, from Pennsylvania State University, Berks Campus, has developed a credit course entitled "Lear ning Strategies for the Information Age," which she described as a collaborative teaching project involving a librarian, three faculty members, and a computer center specialist. The course, Dewald explained, attempts to help students avoid techno-stress b y mastering the numerous new technologies necessary for academic success.

Catherine Palmer, from the University of California-Irvine, described her participation in two campus programs that make use of a "Teaching the Teachers" model. The first program involved hiring undergraduate students to teach the campus community e-mail and Internet skills. In the second program, Palmer and another librarian taught forty teaching assistants in the humanities to teach their students basic electronic resources available in the library.

Gail Griffith, of Carroll County Public Library in Maryland, described her work with county and town governments in Maryland to provide local government information to citizens via the Web. Her library offers demonstrations and hands-on training f or the public and basic Web page construction training for agencies that want to develop their own Web sites.

After speaking briefly about their programs, each librarian answered questions from the moderator in reaction to the two previous speakers' presentations. Questions were then accepted from the audience.

-Rebecca Jackson, Co-Chair, IS Conference Planning '96

     Committee Chairs Provide Overview of Current IS Projects

Continuing Education Committee

The committee is working on a survey to IS membership to solicit suggestions for program topics and alternative methods of delivering programs, including state and regional conferences, video-conferencing and online instruction via the WWW. Plans are also underway for a Continuing Education home page on the WWW that will provide information on all types of continuing education opportunities for IS membership.
-Jo Ann Calzonetti, Chair, Continuing Education

Instruction for Diverse Populations Committee

The first version of the multilingual library mini glossary is now available for viewing on the IS web site. Also, the committee will soon begin compiling a bibliography on learning styles and the adult l earner.
-Poping Lin, past Chair, Diverse Populations

Knowledge Base Task Force

The IS Knowledge Base is now accessible on the IS web site. The task force will continue to add statements from past Dudley Instruction Award winners, a digitalized audio clip by the Section's most recen t Dudley Award winner, and a history of the Section. The task force will also formalize a recommendation for ongoing maintenance and development of the Knowledge Base web pages.
-Randy Hensley, Chair, Knowledge Base Task Force

Management of Instruction Services Committee

The subcommittee working on developing a proposal for a LAMA regional institute, entitled "Instruction Coordinators and Their Managers: The Nuts and Bolts of Creating a Successful Instruction Program," announced that Betsy Wilson (University of Wa shington) has agreed to be the presenter. Wilson will work with the subcommittee to develop the final proposal which, pending approval by IS Executive, will be submitted to LAMA at the Midwinter Meeting.

A review article on publications related to the management of BI programs, written by Rebecca Jackson, has been approved by IS Executive and has been submitted for publication.

At Midwinter Meeting, the committee hopes to review a rough draft of its "tips sheet" of resources for BI managers working on staff development programs for teaching librarians.
-Abbie Loomis, Chair, Management of Instruction Services

Policy Committee

Three IS publications of interest to interns, committee chairs, and section authors are now available from Policy on the IS web site: Guidelines for Archival Record Retention, Publication Policies and Pro cedures Manual, and Resource Checklist for Instruction Section Committee Chairs.
-Kristin Jacobsen, Chair, Policy

Preconference Planning Committee

The 1997 IS Preconference will be held June 27, 1997, on the University of California campus in Berkeley. The program will be based on the 1993 publication, "Learning to Teach: Workshops on Instruction," and six of the original contributors will lead work shops.

The workshop leaders are Esther Grassian (The One Shot Lecture), Claudette Hagle (Presentation Skills and Classroom Management), Joan Kaplowitz (Lessons from the Psychology of Learning), Karen Downing & Joseph Diaz (Inst ruction in a Multicultural Environment), Christina Woo (Developing Effective Library Assignments), and Trudi Jacobson (Selecting a Teaching Technique).
-Margaret Phillips, Co-Chair, Preconference Planning

    IS Awards Nominations Sought by Jan. 2

Attention IS Membership!!!
You Still Have Time to Submit IS Awards Nominations
Nomination Deadline: January 2, 1997 (post marked)

Miriam Dudley Instruction Librarian Award. This award recognizes an individual librarian who has made an especially significant contribution to the advancement of instruction in a college or research library environment.

IS Innovation in Instruction Award. This annual award recognizes and honors librarians who have developed and implemented innovative approaches to instruction at their respective institutions.

IS Publication Award. This annual award recognizes an outstanding publication related to instruction in a library environment published in the preceding two years.

Nomination and submission procedures for each award are available on the ACRL Web site.

For questions about the awards nomination process, contact:
Ree DeDonato, Chair, Awards Committee,
(212) 854-6237 (voice); (212) 222-0331 (fax) (email)

    IS Candidate Slate Set for 1997 Election

Editor's Note: Candidate information has been provided by the candidates to the 1997 IS Nominating Committee and ACRL. Due to space limitations, statements of concern for the secretary and member-at-large candidates have been omitted from the newslett er. Full information for each candidate, including statements of concern, will appear in the 1997 ballot information mailed to all IS members.


Trudi Jacobson, Coordinator, User Education Programs, University Libraries, University at Albany, SUNY, 1400 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12222. Email: Work phone: 518-442-3581

Education: University at Albany, B.A., 1979; M.L.S., 1980; M.A., 1984. Present Position: Coordinator of User Education Programs, University at Albany Library, 1990-present. Previous Positions: Reference Services Coordinator, Siena C ollege, 1987-1990; Interlibrary Loan Coordinator, Siena College Library, 1981-1987. ALA Divisions: ACRL: Arts Section, Arts Newsletter Editor 1990-1992; IS, Secretary, 1993-1994; Communication Committee Chair, 1994-1995; Name Change Implementation Task Force Chair, 1995-1996. Other Professional Organizations and Learned Societies: Forum for Library Instruction, Steering Committee Chair, 1991-present. Honors: Phi Beta Kappa; Beta Phi Mu; SUNY Chancellor's Award and University Award f or Excellence in Librarianship, 1995. Publications: "The Effect of CD-ROM Instruction and Assistance on Search Operator Use," College and Research Libraries, 1996 (with Janice Newkirk); "Teaching Anxious Students Research Skills for the Electronic Library," College Teaching, 1995 (with Beth Mark); "Merging Critical Thinking and the Electronic Library," Research Strategies, 1993 (with Lynne Martin).

Statement of Concern: As someone who has been involved for almost two decades with library instruction on the college and university level, I am convinced this constantly expanding and maturing activity is the most stimulating challenge in the mode rn academic library. Instruction librarians combine a flair for innovation and experimentation with a demonstrated commitment to the needs of their patrons and to the demands of their profession. I have been privileged to be closely involved with the Ins truction Section, and have seen the quality and the results of the Section's work-continuing education opportunities, articles, books, and more-all of which have been of great benefit to practicing and new instruction librarians. The Instruction Section will continue to be a prime force in the field during these exciting times for our brand of librarianship. I am honored to be considered for the position of Vice-Chair/Chair Elect.

Mary Jane Petrowski, Head, Library Instruction, Case Library, Colgate University, 13 Oak Drive, Hamilton, NY 13346. Email: Work phone: 315-824-7867

Education: Duke University, B.A., 1975; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, M.S.L.S., 1978; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, C.A.S., 1993. Present Position: Head of Library Instruction, Colgate University, 1993-present. < i>Previous Positions: Assistant Undergraduate Librarian, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1989-1993; Reference Librarian, U.S. Air Force Europe Command Library, Ramstein Air Base, West Germany, 1986-1988; Librarian, U.S. Army Field Station Library, Sinop, Turkey, 1978-1985. ALA Divisions: ACRL: IS, Conference Program Planning Committee, Member, 1991-1992; Policy Committee, Chair, 1991-1993; Knowledge Base Task Force, Chair, 1993-1995; Executive Committee, Secretary, 1994-1995; Commun ication Committee, Chair, 1995-1996. Honors: Beta Phi Mu, 1994; Colgate University Presidential Project Development Award, 1994; University of Illinois Undergraduate Instructional Award, 1991. Publications: "Cooperative Learning: A Guided Di scovery Workshop," in The Impact of Technology on Library Instruction, 1995; Research Guide; Introduction to Library Skills, 1993; "Avoiding Horror in the Classroom: In-House Training for Bibliographic Instruction," Illinois Libraries, 1991.

Statement of Concern: Since 1990 the Instruction Section has moved decisively to become more inclusive, more collaborative, and more connected to instruction librarians. In recent years we have created new committees focused on who we teach, how s tudents learn, and program administration. Our knowledge base has been enriched by new awards for innovative programs and research. Collaborations with other sections and associations have produced outstanding programs and projects, notably the CNI/IS I nternet Education Project. My involvement in developing the Section web site and the Knowledge Base Project have been particularly gratifying efforts to extend the work of the Section to the global community. As academic libraries strive to become teachi ng libraries, it will become increasingly important for the Section to create new partnerships with our colleagues in higher education. I am deeply honored to be nominated for Chair Elect and welcome the opportunity to guide the Section toward forging new and creative alliances.


Loretta Rielly, Coordinator of Library Use Education, 121 The Valley Library, Oregon State University Libraries, Corvallis, OR 97331-4501. Email: Work phone: 541-737-2642

Education: Portland State University, B. A., 1979; Northern Illinois University, MA. English, 1981; Northern Illinois University, MLS, 1988. Present Position: Sponsor, Instruction & Training Team and Reference & Research Consulting Team, O regon State University, Jan. 1996-present. Previous Positions: Library Instruction Coordinator, Oregon State University, 1990-1996; Library Instruction Coordinator, Northern Illinois University, 1988-1990; English Instructor, Northern Illinois Uni versity, 1981-1985. ALA Activities: LIRT, Program Committee, 1991-1992; Chair Professional Association Networking Committee, 1993-1994. ALA Divisions: ACRL: BIS Program Committee, 1993-1995; IS Awards Committee, 1995-1997. State and Regio nal Library Association Activities: Oregon Chapter, ACRL, President, 1996-1997; Oregon Library Association Library Instruction Round Table, President, 1993-1994; Oregon Library Association Conference Committee, 1993. Publications: "A Computer is Like . . .: Imagination, Learning and Computers" (with S. Whyte), in Finding Common Ground, 1996; "Oregon State University, A Case Study," in Writing Across the Curriculum: A Guide for Librarians, 1995; "Point of Use Instruction: The Evolving Role of Stacks Support Staff and Student Assistants in a University Library," (with G. Browning), Reference Librarian, Fall 1995.

Deborah Tenofsky, Coordinator of Instructional Services and Programs, 1136 Shapiro Library, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48l09-1185. Email: Work phone: 313-763-5084

Education: University of Chicago, B.A., 1985; University of Michigan, MILS, 1988. Present Position: Coordinator of Instructional Services and Programs, University of Michigan, 1996-present. Previous Positions: User Instruction Coor dinator, Loyola University Chicago, 1992-1996; Reference Librarian, University of Illinois, Chicago, 1990-1992; Resident, University of Illinois, Chicago, 1988-1990. ALA Divisions: ACRL: IS, Emerging Technologies Committee, Member, 1993-present; IS, Continuing Education Committee, Member, 1991-1993; WSS, Technical Services Committee, Member, 1992-1996; WSS 1993 Conference Programming Committee, Member, 1992-1993; LAMA: SASS, Publications Committee, Member, 1995-present. Membership in Other Pro fessional Organizations: Chicago Area Librarians Group, Founder and Chair, 1992-1996; NOTIS OPAC SIG, Co-Chair, 1994-present. Publications: "The University of Michigan Head Librarian Program," College and Research Libraries News, 1990; "Librar y Use and Library Skills of Research Assistants," ERIC Document Number: ED 330337, 1990.


Lynn Bailey, Head, Reference Department, DePaul University Library, 1 E. Jackson, 10th Floor, Chicago, IL 60604. Email: Work phone: 312-361-8432

Education: University of Illinois, B.A., 1981; B.S., 1982; M.L.S., 1985. Present Position: Reference Department Head, DePaul University Library, 1992-present. Previous Positions: Coordinator of Suburban Campus Libraries, DePaul Unive rsity Library, 1990-1992. Reference Librarian, DePaul University Library, 1988-1990. Assistant Head of Information Services, Fountaindale Public Library District, 1987-1988. ALA Divisions: ACRL: ECLSS, 1993 Program Committee, Member, 1991-1992; IS, Continuing Education Committee, Member and Preconference Subcommittee Chairperson, 1992-1994; IS, Continuing Education Committee Chairperson, 1994-1996; RASD: MOPSS, Fee-Based Reference Committee, Member, 1996-1998. Publications: "Reports on Staff Involvement in Library Automation," Library Hi Tech News, 1985; "Course Syllabi: Extracting Their Hidden Potential," The Sixth Off-Campus Library Services Conference Proceedings, 1993.

Carl Phillips, Carrier Library, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA 22807. Email: Work phone: 540-568-3319

Education: Univ. of Washington, Seattle, BA., 1989. Univ. of Illinois, Urbana/Champaign., 1990. Present Position: Reference Librarian, James Madison University, 1992-present. Previous Position: Reference/Instruction Librarian, Univ . of Washington, Seattle. ALA Divisions: ACRL: Instruction Section, Advisory Council, 1995-present; Knowledge Base Task Force, 1994-1996; Policy Committee, 1992-1995; Policy Committee, Chair, 1995-1996; Teaching Methods, Chair, 1996-present; " What's in a Name" Task Force, 1993-1995. ACRL: Science & Technology Section, Comparison of Science & Technology Libraries, 1996-present. Publications: Finding Information: A Carrier Library Workbook, New York: McGraw-Hill, 1994-. With Lynn Cameron ; "A World of Instructional Possibilities with the Web", LIFline (Library Instruction Forum of the Virginia Library Association), vol. 54, Spring/Summer 1995; "Energy Resources on the Internet", College and Research Libraries News, vol. 57 no. 3, March 19 96; "Should I Worry about Copyrights on the Web!?", the Computer Connection, Vol. XIII, No 3, May/June 1996.

    Call for Participation: 1997 Annual Conference Program

Call for Participation in the Showcase of Ideas
Instruction Section Program / ACRL President's Program
1997 ALA Annual Conference, San Francisco

The 1997 Program Planning Committee invites you to submit proposals for presentations to be included in the Showcase of Ideas segment of our San Francisco program, "Imagining the Learning Library." The program will serve as the ACRL President's Program a nd is being co-sponsored by six ACRL sections. As the originators and principal planners of the program, we hope to see strong representation from the Instruction Section in the Showcase.

The Showcase of Ideas promises to be an integral and exciting part of the President's Program. The Showcase is envisioned as a forum in which librarians from all types of college, university, and research libraries can present some of the forward-thinking and innovative ways they are communicating the teaching mission of the library and creating learning environments in their institutions. Areas that may be of high interest to the ACRL community include:

  • Collaborative learning initiatives and teaching projects
  • Integrated learning environments, either virtual or physical
  • Innovative tutorials or services, electronic, web-based, or other
  • Marketing or public relations activities
  • Distance learning or reference services

Proposals that describe other ways of expressing the teaching and learning mission of the library are also welcome. The Showcase of Ideas will consist of informal presentations that can take the shape of poster sessions or demonstrated papers. Presenters should be prepared to repeat the presentation several times. Each presentation should last about ten minutes, including time for questions. We believe that these interactive sessions will be a spectacular conclusion to the President's Program.

To submit a proposal, send a 250-word abstract with your name, address, phone number and e-mail address by December 31, 1996. If you would like to include photographs or other visual materials to support your proposal, feel free to do so. (Please indicate if your presentation will require access to electricity.) Proposals will be accepted by mail, e-mail, or fax. The review panel will consist of representatives from each of the sponsoring sections. Other sponsoring sections are the College Libraries Secti on, the Community and Junior College Libraries Section, the Extended Campus Library Services Section, the Education and Behavioral Sciences Section, and the Asian, African, and Middle East Studies Section. Send proposals to:

Patricia Lovett, Biology Library, Jordan Hall A304, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN 47405-6802 Phone: 812-855-9792 ~~ Fax: 812-855-6612 ~~ E-mail:

    ACRL-IS Strategic Plan: Membership Input Sought

The Instruction Section is developing a new strategic plan that will provide direction for the section's activities over the next several years. Like the recently adopted A CRL strategic plan on which it is modeled, the IS plan will be a dynamic document, able to meet the changing needs of library instruction. Please take the time to review this plan and provide your input. There is still time to share your ideas on what directions IS should take over the next five years. Send your comments to: Karen Williams, University of Arizona Library, 1501 E. University, Tucson, AZ 85721-0055
e-mail:; phone: 520-621-4865; fax: 520-621-9733.

   1997 ALA midwinter conference logo

IS Midwinter Meeting Schedule

Check conference program to verify times and locations!
FRIDAY, February 14th
9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Executive Committee
11:30 am - 1:00 pm
ACRL Board Orientation
2:00 pm - 5:30 pm
ACRL Leadership Council
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
ALISE / IS Discussion Forum
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
IS Reception/Valentine's Day Dinner
SATURDAY, February 15th
8:00 am - 9:00 am
Intern Orientation (Communications)
9:30 am - 11:00 am
Advisory Council
11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Communications Committee
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm (roundtables)
Active Learning Sourcebook TF
Conference Program Planning 1997
Emerging Technologies in Instruction
Glossary Project Task Force
Membership Committee
Preconference Planning 1997
2:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Awards (closed)
SUNDAY, February 16th
9:30 am - 11:00 am (roundtables)
Active Learning Sourcebook TF
Conference Program Planning 1998
Continuing Education
Education for Library Instructors
IS Strategic Plan Task Force
Instruction for Diverse Populations
Management for Instruction Services
Preconference Planning 1997
11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Nominating 1998 (closed)
Teaching Methods (brainstorming meeting)
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
ACRL Board Meeting
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
IS Discussion Forum
MONDAY, February 17th
9:30 am - 11:00 am (roundtables)
Conference Program Planning
Continuing Education
Education for Library Instructors
Emerging Technologies in Instruction
Instruction for Diverse Populations
Management for Instruction Services
Membership Committee
Teaching Methods
9:30 am - 12:30 pm
Awards (closed)
11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Nominating 1998 (closed)
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
ALA No Conflict Time
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Advisory Council
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
ALA No Conflict Time
TUESDAY, February 18th
9:30 am - 11:00 am
Executive Committee
2:00 pm - 5:30 pm
ACRL Board

    IS Midwinter Meeting

Sunday, Feb. 16, 4:30-5:30 pm

Mark your calendar! You are invited to attend the 1997 IS Discussion Forum at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Washington D.C., on Sunday, Feb. 16, from 4:30 to 5:30 pm. The Forum topic is: "Learning Styles and Diverse Populations."

Sponsored by the Instruction for Diverse Populations and Continuing Education committees, this discussion will focus on ways to make our instruction accessible to the diverse learning styles of our patrons and the ways patrons can adjust to the teaching s tyles of their instructors. Kriza Jennings, Consultant for Diversity and Minority Recruitment/Retention, will address the necessity of identifying the needs and learning styles of diverse populations. Katherine Branch of the Anne Arundel Co mmunity College will describe the 4MAT approach for addressing diverse learning styles. The discussion will be moderated by Gerald Holmes, University of Cincinnati Libraries. Participants in the Discussion Forum will have an opportunity to share e xperiences as well as gather techniques and tips for improving their instruction.

Bring your questions and suggestions and join us for a lively discussion.

-Paul Beavers, Member, Continuing Education Committee

    IS Valentine's Day Dinner

Washington, D.C. - ALA Midwinter Meeting 1997


Friday, February 14, 1997


6:00-7:00pm Cash Bar and Reception
7:00-9:00pm Dinner & Presentation of IS Awards


China Inn, 2nd Floor
629-631 H St., N.W. (in D.C.'s Chinatown)


Take the Metro to Gallery Place-Chinatown. Use the 7th and H Sts. exit. The China Inn is across H St.


$24.00 tax and gratuity included

The IS Dinner provides a great opportunity to get acquainted with others interested in library instruction. Come and join friends--old and new--for dinner in D.C.'s Chinatown.

Link to and print out the IS Valentine's Day Dinner registration form and send with payment, no later than Feb. 1, 1997, to:

Lee Marie Wisel
Weis Library
Columbia Union College
Takoma Park, MD 20912

    ALISE/IS Midwinter Discussion Forum

Friday, Feb. 14, 4:30-5:30 pm

This discussion forum, "Preparing for the Teaching Role for the 21st Century," is being co-sponsored by the IS Education for Library Instructors Committee and the Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE). The forum is scheduled to overlap the ending of the ALISE Conference and the beginning of ALA Midwinter so that members of both organizations will have an opportunity to attend.

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