Knowledge Base Acknowledgements

Knowledge Base Acknowledgements

The Knowledge Base site is the work of many talented members who served on the Task Force:

Anne Beach (1994)
Madeline Copp (1994)
H. Scott Davis (1994)
Charlotte Dugan (1995-96)
Randall Burke Hensley (1993-1996; chair, 1995-1996)
Kristin Jacobsen (1995-96)
Sheila Laidlaw (1994-1996)
Mary Jane Petrowski (1993-1996; chair 1993-1995)
Carl Phillips (1995-1996)
Beth Sandore (1993-1996)
Stephen Smith (1993-1996)
Clay Williams (1995-96)

The Task Force also wishes to thank William J. Maher, Elizabeth Cardman, Joann Jacoby, and Ellen Swain at the University of Illinois (Champaign) for their invaluable help and assistance with the ALA Archives. We are also indebted to Jeffrey O'Connell, Webmaster, Colgate University, for his advice and assistance with creating this web site. And, finally, we extend special thanks to ACRL for funding the site through a 1995 Initiative Grant Award.


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