Technology Primer: What you need to know to talk Web 2.0

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ACRL/Instruction Section Current Issue Discussion Digest
Research Instruction in a Web 2.0 world - a resource guide

Sunday, June 25, 2006,  10:30 am - 12:00 pm 

Location: Intercontinental New Orleans (LaSalle A)

Conveners: Anne-Marie Deitering and Rachel Bridgewater

Though the discussion of research instruction in a web 2.0 world is not primarily a discussion about technology, it is necessary to have an understanding of the basic operation of leading social software products in order to meaningfully discuss these products with your colleagues or, crucially, instruct your patrons in the effective use of these products.  Much as a basic understanding of how a book gets published or a paper gets refereed helps facilitate teaching and discussion, so will understanding how a blog post gets posted or a wiki page gets updated.

Everyone will probably find parts of this guide familiar.  Hopefully, there will be new tools and resources for you to explore before our discussion.

The Technologies:


What it is?

7 Things You Should Know About Blogs.  (The EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative)

Check it out:



Blog Software Comparison Chart (updated May 18, 2006):

Tagging/Social Bookmarking

What it is?

7 Things You Should Know About Social Bookmarking.  (The EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative)

Smith, Gene.  Sorting Out Social Classification: Folksonomies and Tagging In Practice

Check it out:   (websites)

Connotea:  (articles)

CiteULike:  (articles)

Flickr:  (images)

YouTube:  (video)

PennTags:  (Library catalog records)

43 Things: (life goals)


What it is?

7 Things You Should Know About Wikis.  (The EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative)

Check it out:


RSS & Syndication

What it is?

What is RSS?  LoadAverageZero.

Check it out:

Bloglines -- (web-based feed reader)

Pluck --

Sage -- (firefox plug-in)

University of Alabama New Book feed --

Government info --

Minneapolis Public Library RSS Feeds --


What it is?

7 Things You Should Know About Podcasting.  (The EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative)

Check it out:

IT Conversations:

Webcast: Berkeley (courses):


Podcatcher matrix:

Social Networking

What it is?

Farkas, Meredith.  (May 10, 2006). Libraries in Social Networking Software. Information Wants to Be Free. networking-software/

Check it out:


(don’t want to browse?  Try the UIUC Undergraduate Library page: )

FaceBook:  (requires a .edu email address to register)



What it is?

Schofield, Jack.  (February 2, 2006).  It’s All in the Mix.  Guardian Unlimited.,,1699502,00.html

How to Make Your Own Web Mashup.  Programmable Web.

Check it out:

Calore, Michael.  (February 24, 2006).  10 Best Flickr Mashups.  Webmonkey.

Google Maps Mania:  An unofficial Google Maps blog tracking the websites, mashups and tools being influenced by Google Maps.

Mashup of the Day:

Butler, Declan.  (January 2006). Mashups Mix Data into Global Service?  Nature

To make it easier to follow links and explore, this Technology Primer is also available online at:

Updated 6/14/2006


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