First Year Experience Program

  • National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience and Students in Transition, University of South Carolina. Includes a listing of First Year Learning Resources and Suggested Readings

  • FYE-LIST (Discussion List). A mailing list for the discussion of experiences of first-year college students. Open membership. To subscribe to the FYE-LIST, address an e-mail to and include in the message area the following command:
    subscribe fye-list yourfirstname yourlastname . . . or send a message to and ask to be added to the listserv.

  • Exploring the Evidence: Reporting Outcomes of First-Year Experience. (1998). Columbia, SC: National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience, University of South Carolina.

  • Fact file: The year's freshmen: A statistical profile. (1999). Chronicle of Higher Education, 45 (21), A48-A49.

  • Gilbert, S., et al. (1997). From Best Intention to Best Practices: The First-Year Experience in Canadian Postsecondary Education (Monograph #22). Columbia, SC: National Resource Center for the Freshman Year Experience, University of South Carolina. Also available on ERIC Microfiche, ED411920.

  • Higher Education Research Institute. (1997). The American Freshman, 1996. Los Angeles: University of California.

    Kendall Hunt's "First Year Experience" Books
  • Maduros, A. S. (1989). Augsburg College. (First year experience creates a community of learners). Liberal Education, 75, 28-29.

  • Sonntag, G. (1999). Using technology in a first year experience course (at California State University, San Marcos). College & Undergraduate Libraries, 6 (1), 1-16.

    University of North Carolina's First Year Experience Forum. -- Electronic discussion forum. Some of the discussions are directly related to undergraduate library research and instruction.
  • University of Vermont's Symposium on the First Year Experience. Includes a presentation on "Learning Communities".


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