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January 31, 1999

Selected Bibliography

  • Bober, Christopher, Sonia Poulin, and Luigina Vileno. "Evaluating library instruction in academic libraries: a critical review of the literature, 1980-1993 ." The Reference Librarian. 51-52: 53-71, 1995.

Discusses the reasons librarians are evaluating, to what degree they are evaluating, what specific aspects are being evaluated, and the methodologies being used. Barriers as well as possible directions for the future to successful implementation of evaluation are presented.

  • Daugherty, Timothy K. and Elizabeth W. Carter. "Assessment of outcome-focused library instruction in psychology." Journal of Instructional Psychology. 24(1): 29-33, March, 1997.

Describes use of a pretest-posttest design to evaluate the effectiveness of outcome-focussed library instruction in a core psychology class.

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A curriculum-integrated information-literary component in a nursing program is evaluated using a variety of survey instruments and term-paper analyses, assessing the effectiveness of the program, and comparing the nursing students' level of skill with that of other students.

  • Geffert, Bryn and Robert Bruce. "Whether BI? Assessing perceptions of research skills over an undergraduate career." RQ. 36(3): 409-417, Spring, 1997.

Uses a self- assessment survey to gather information on student perceptions of their research skills over four years, and reports results that student confidence increased with bibliographic instruction.

  • Kunkel, Lilith R., Susan M. Weaver, and Kim N. Cook. "What do they know?: an assessment of undergraduate library skills." Journal of Academic Librarianship. 22:430-434, November, 1996.

Reports on findings that the frequency of assignments requiring library research is the best predictor of scores on a test of library skills.

  • Loacker, Georgine, and Marcia Mentkowski. "Creating a culture where assessment improves learning." In Making a difference Outcomes of a decade of assessment in higher education. San Francisco, Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1993. 5-24.

Describes development of the nationally recognized ability-based education and student assessment process at Alverno College. Dr. Loacker was the keynote speaker at the Instruction Section’s annual program in 1995.

  • Moore-Jansen, Cathy. "What difference does it make? One study of student background and the evaluation of library instruction." Research Strategies 15(1): 26-38, Winter, 1997.

Results of a six-year study on the relationships between variables related to student demographics, library experience, and subject interests and variables related to student evaluation of library instruction in an undergraduate anthropology course are reported. A surveying methodology was used.

  • Young, Virginia E. and Linda G. Ackerson. "Evaluation of student research paper bibliographies: refining evaluation criteria." Research Strategies 13(2): 80-93, Spring, 1995.

Using data from a five-semester study comparing two bibliographic instruction methods, the application of evaluation criteria to measure the quality of student bibliographies is discussed. Four specific suggestions are made to increase the appropriateness and effectiveness of evaluation criteria.


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